Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 6.0.1


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7 Responses

  1. SonySupremeEmperor

    Fanboy Switch

  2. TheTechDoc

    Thats some bad advice at the end there about the firmware updates not impacting hacks, it very much can stuff up your CFW and stop it working until there is an update for your CFW, just cus RCM cant be patched it doesnt mean CFW is bulletproof.

    Though in this case, it does not seem to affect CFW in any way (according to reddit users)

    • >_>

      He said your switch is either hackable or not and this firmware won’t change that……which is correct. It can’t mess up your hack. Even if it does mess up your CFW you can still hack it. That was his point. So It’s either hackable or not depending on your switch, and this update won’t change those facts.
      What is written in article is perfectly fine and clear

  3. lndvll

    Really like your posts and have been following you for a while, thank you!

    I would just like to point out that the patched consoles that have been distributed to stop Fusee Gelee are not mariko devices (they just have updated ipatches). Mariko have not yet been seen in the wild.

  4. hiro

    since qlaunch got updated it means custom themes don’t work on 6.0.1