DOOM 3 and its expansion pack “Resurrection of Evil” get ported to the Nintendo Switch – You can now blast even MORE demons on this Nintendo handheld!


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11 Responses

  1. Dmaskell92

    Switch isn’t the only mobile console that can play Doom 3. Nvidia Shield Portable says hi. Too bad it’s built like ***.

  2. Farchent

    Great news

  3. Diogo Reis

    Hi nice post but I have to ask, are there any updates on the ps4 cfw?

  4. Neo

    The GPD Win can also run every Doom game and has done so years prior

    • thetechdoc

      Iits also an enthusiast device that takes considerably more effort to set up and use and truthfully is not as good of an experience to play most games on (at least not the first win which I own…not to mention the win 2 equates to about 1000 au dollars to buy)

    • Crzo

      The GPD Win is a tiny laptop, not a handheld videogame system you tw@t….

      • Neo

        The GPD Win is a handheld console and specifically mentions that in the description. Learn to do some research Crzo or are you disabled?

  5. Kal Vorax

    *** that is impressive 😀