PS Vita: TheFlow confirms exploit ready for firmware 3.69. But you’ll have to wait


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39 Responses

  1. Ezekiel says:

    I’d say, I want that to be released at the last production of vita

    It’s worth the wait

  2. Tha_Phat says:


  3. William Lewis says:

    This means The Flow is probably chillin with a hacked 3.69 Vita. Might be the only one in existence rn.

  4. babalu says:

    the Flow is basicly the Elon Musk of the hacker scene lol

  5. MFSGameplay says:

    I thought he was taking a long break from the vita? I guess his definition of “long break” means a short one?

  6. Creatura says:

    This guy never ceases to amaze me.

  7. Cade-H says:

    Will it will be Enso or temporary like 3.68?

    • Gianluca Di Maggio says:

      You’re not a smart one aren’t you? Of course it’s temporary, Enso doesn’t even work on 3.65+, why would it on 3.69?

  8. Redsyrup says:

    Be sure to include TheFlow in your Thanksgiving prayers this year. Love you man!

  9. Alex says:

    Possible same exploits exist on PS4 newest fw? Even so I know it won’t be released anytime soon, still I wouldn’t mind the promise for another PS4 jailbreak.

  10. feet says:

    Obviously it should be released after there’s no more upcoming games.

  11. I plan to pick up a couple of vitas at EOL so this is great news 😀

  12. Demian says:

    TheFlow proves once again that no device is unhackable. But also that doing so is not for everyone.

    “Nevertheless, the hacker never stops impressing the scene, by promising yet another exploit for a console that had for long been considered almost impossible to exploit.”

    My respects for you @TheFlow!

  13. armeabi says:

    Reading this Sony start rewrite firmware 3.70 from scratch, lol

  14. Fulanito says:

    Clever move @TheFlow.

  15. kok0roki says:

    guys he has a patron

  16. vita lover says:

    Love it. Crush sony thanks flow

  17. Tarzan says:

    Yo I just got a Vita and it came with 3.69. Do it flow! I’m happy to donate.

  18. Yabba says:

    I’ll wait just got my psvita slim blue for 20$ usd looking forward to exploiting it

  19. Laxxus says:

    How can a person be so talented? Great work TheFlow

  20. Jan says:

    Its possible to downgrade my PsVita from 3.69 to 3.68? I bought console 3 Days ago with this soft and dont know what to do 🙁

  21. Is better we wait than to rush into things that are gonna risk our tech.

    Thanks wololo for sharing this before we adapt into rushing

  22. defrian says:

    i accidentally update 3.69 now i cant play my game at memory card !

  23. lexine2016 says:

    What is the use of vita, i got 3.69 also. What can i do with this now?

  24. Asim Siddiqui says:

    This hacker is an amazing guy. Thank you so much for your hard work over the years! <3

  25. cawfwee says:

    whut the heck~ that’s pretty cheap for a vita man

    i wud like to buy two or three vitas if i got the same price on my country. it’s still quite pricey here