Sony to stop production of PS Vita in Japan next year, no plans for a successor


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21 Responses

  1. zeekaa says:

    >new games will still be produced for the console, but with a reduced lineup
    >games will be produced, with a reduced lineup
    >reduced lineup
    It’s not like 5 month old releases wern’t almost at the top of the “new releases” list already, no. It’s called “lineup”. Screw you, Sony.

  2. Christos Petropoulos says:

    Sony is a great example of how to completely destroy great oportunities.

  3. Aaron Carpenter says:

    I had a weird dream that Sony announced a ps3 portable. Weird indeed.

  4. This is seriously sad news…. though tbh half of its life it has felt like its on its way out :/

  5. Yattoz says:

    “No more surprise firmware updates”
    Let’s talk about the PSP FW 6.61, released after 3.5 years of silence, shall we ? 😀

  6. lianky says:

    Biggest letdown of a console I’ve ever bought… Day one purchase, have been following this website since the beginning and the good news regarding AAA titles just never came…

  7. lollypop says:

    succeeding now i would expect a phablet that could allso run Ubuntu
    something like the shield.

  8. Smoker1 says:

    Hopefully, there will be a full CFW Type like Enso Released for 3.69 or the next/final FW Update.
    Also, I seriously hope there will at least be some more proper Games released, instead of these recent crappy Games that look like they are for a NES or earlier Console.

  9. Bunny says:

    Sony, I am asking you to pretty please release a Playstation 2 portable that is compatible with every playstation 2 game. Thank you.

    • DontKnowMe says:

      i honestly think since we basicly have full kernel access why wont certain groups come together and make a ps vita game and before you say Oh that will take time or start shouting me out random stuff that everybody does in 2018 its my opinion and im sure more will agree to band together and make a rpg or a online client based game for ps vita 😀

    • sony says:

      Im writing it down right now

  10. Smoker1 says:

    I Emailed someone if they are able to Port a Emulator to the Vita. Since the Vita has a ARM Processor, that should be no problem. Just would need to get the SDK, and Environment going right? Trust me, would be a Emu a lot of Users have been wanting, including myself

    • Smoker1 says:

      Update: The Dev has no plans to work on a Port for the Vita. Says would take too long to work on. Guess we wont be seeing any Mupen64Plus FZ Vita anytime soon 🙁

  11. mig says:

    Is not like their *** up proprietary memory card format had something to do with it. I love my Vita but THAT was a huuuuge mistake.

  12. foleliugi says:

    This christmas I’ll ask dad to buy another vita “for preservation purpose”

  13. mePixel says:

    Well we had a good hombrew run

  14. Azure7th says:

    wow, (clap, clap, clap) sony you are your own worst enemy.

  15. NNNRT says:

    Sony can boost sales with just one Vita update other than the stupid updates they make to fix exploits, which by the way we use to put in what Sony didn’t put.. 7 years old and it still has great specs and great potential. A new remade model would also help with sales.. But what do you do with a company as dumb as Sony, which has already failed in everything else but PlayStation because of this stubborn mentality? One little mistake in PS4 or PS5 and Sony is bankrupt.

  16. Stranger says:

    #metoo feel being raped,not even san andreas port on this *** console, no proper psx emulation, such a waste of money.