How to locally save SHSH blobs for your iDevice – What are SHSH blobs? Should I save my blobs even if I don’t jailbreak?


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  1. lets recycle ijunk

    All idevices should be recycled b4 they even are manufactured , overpriced junk that is nothing else !!!

    • Natalie

      Overpriced junk that is actually really good value for money (hear me out)
      iPhones, are VERY underpowered, yet they outperform 99.9% of android devices out there, and when compared to Samsung’s latest flagships that boast way more impressive specs for around the same price, you actually getting more performance for your $$.

      So yeah, theres that

  2. Xtremegamer

    I use telegram jailbreak bot.

    Only need your pc once to write down your ECID.

    From then on you can download the blobs from the telegram bot @rJailbreakBot

  3. andoryuu3

    “However, the SEP for iOS 11.4.1 is compatible with older versions like iOS 11.3."

    Compatible, yet it breaks FaceID on the iPhone X. Potentially breaks TouchID on other iPhones as well.

    • Aurora

      That’s true. Touch ID is also said to break on some iPhone 8 models however, it’s fine on other iDevices. Quite interestingly, the iOS 12.0 SEP is partially/fully (depending on who you ask) compatible with iOS 11.3.1 which could create some interesting situations

  4. RMS

    Nothing will ever make iOS respect it’s users freedom. It’s designed as a cage and will forever remain this way.

  5. lollypop

    so can i defeat the blob and downgrade to an exploit firmware with this ?

  6. lollypop

    lets all recycle an iphone into a full jailbreak xD

  7. yukihime

    How to downgrade using shsh blog. it’s doesn’t matter if you got shsh file but without knowlege of downgrade and how to use it. just like you got a car but no licence. you’re sitting duck.

  8. yukihime

    I have SHSH blog. so what are the step to downgrade. I search and method this is at risk 99% for MAC only. Window not available. conclusion, it’s no use if you buy a car but with no license you can’t drive.