VitaShell 1.96 released – Faster file viewing with L/R triggers, moving files between partitions and more!


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  1. Farchent says:

    Thanks theflow

  2. arthur robes says:


  3. Saint says:

    So, I just tried to ‘Update’ after a long time, but it seems I can’t install this from Vitashell (A previous version) itself?? Does anyone know what do I have to do for it, then?

    • Quake says:

      Download the VKP from the site above. MAKE a Folder(“ux0:/VPK”) PKG or VPK or W/E in your Vita. Open the USB, and transfer the VPK to what ever folder your made. Install. Simple. Leave the folder there for further uses of any other VPK’s you might want to save or just transfer over.

      • Saint says:

        Uhm, no, I KNOW how to do that, I just get an error when I try to install it, so I’m guessing it can’t be installed from an older version of VitaShell, unless that’s not why it is failing?

  4. faz999 says:

    1.96 breaks uma0: read and write. Trying to revert back to 1.95 but gives Error 0x8010114. Serious problem. Thanks for solution. Running 3.68 with h-encore.

  5. faz999 says:

    Sorry, problem solved. Took 3 reboots. Now reading ur0: and sdcard. Thanks. Panic over !!

  6. Noé Martinez Alvarez says:

    The latest Vitashell update has caused my USB devices in PSTV to have created bad sectors when writing but not reading.
    I recommend to everybody that once they update the version of Vitashell they check errors in their USB devices to recover bad sectors and damaged files.
    It is due to a bug when restructuring the file system due to a problem in version 1.95 of Vitashell.

  7. AmericnGentleman says:

    Updated to vitashell 1.96 and now when i try to connect my vita running 3.68 to my computer the vita does not show up in my files on windows 10. Anyone know a fix or reason why I cannot connect my h-encore vita to my computer via usb after updating to vitashell 1.96? Thanks for any help you can offer!

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