Release: PS4_db_rebuilder will repair your PS4 database (and not lose your fpkg in the process)


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7 Responses

  1. Farchent

    Thanks…its very useful

  2. fresno

    Hi guys, the OFW is out. Any news about a hack ?

  3. lollypop

    hmm makes me wonder to make nodejs rebuild xproject from transecript
    witha nodejs module having xproject rebuild and some lighthost
    server.js and build.js
    npm install xproject-lightsserver
    npm build run

  4. nebu_187

    can someone explain how to do this exactly?

  5. nebu_187

    OK this is how i did this.
    Install Python
    copy the files from the release into a folder
    run cmd from within that folder.
    py 192.168.x.xx (your ps4 adress)
    This worked for me, hope it does for you to!
    Thanks for this awesome release ive waited for this for a long time

  6. Bubi

    Hi. I need a little help.
    I have ps4 500gb on 5.05 but i want to put 1TB hdd in it. How do I put 5.05 fw on it?
    Any tutorial??

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