Release: libnx 1.4.0 and hardware acceleration for Switch homebrews


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  1. lolol

    Switch homebrew scene going strong, thank you Nintendo for being so incompetent with security and devs for getting the system hacked in record time! Never have to buy games again!

  2. Channex81

    Why is wololo always about a week behind with switch news? This was released 5 days ago. Still its great news for the switch homebrew scene!!

  3. Paolo

    hi all, if i would jump on the bandwagon of the switch scene, is still there the possibilty to buy a new viable switch?

    • McDaddy

      yes, definitely, there is a thread on gbatemp (just use the search function or even google) that lists switch serial numbers compatible with payload injecting. So you open that page on your phone, walk into an electronics store of your choice and have a look at the serial numbers on the shelf. If there is a hackable switch on there, grab it while it’s hot and otherwise look for the next store and try again 😉

  4. Ace whole

    Will this benefit emulators?

  5. psYos

    Is there a tutorial for hacking the switch yet? Are we still waiting or did i miss something?

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