PS Vita Firmware 3.69 released


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28 Responses

  1. anima

    69… if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Shiggitay

    I’m on 3.60. lol. I’m happy with that.

  3. unknown_user

    if you update your vita to .69 and tried to run hencore .. it will stuck on white screen …

  4. jan toben


  5. PSTV-wood-sporter

    All I can say is ***?

  6. Minik Player

    New information from The flow on Twitter says, that 3.69 patches H-Encore

  7. Blender

    Yay finally an important security and performance fix

  8. Edgar

    Kexploit for 3.69 is comming soon!

  9. NanospeedGamer


  10. Charles Fasano

    This update is not even forced. I’m still on Enso 3.65 spoofing to 3.68 and can get on PSN no problems.

    • Oli

      It’s usual that for a certain time you can connect with firmware number (last -1). It won’t necessary stay that way for long.

  11. Elijah Ferris

    do you think there will be a jailbreak for 3.69?

  12. 7an7a

    No more PSN via 3.65 Hencore spoofed 3.69 or update blocker proxy.

  13. Emir

    I want to beg to him to make 3.69 🙂 I am new on psvita I love it (im orchestra musician and I love playing it on reherseals.) Accidantely yesterday I updated it 3.69, now I dont know what to do 🙁

  14. need help

    Hey Guys. May I ask I’m currently having 3.65 henkaku. I would like to update manually to 3.68 but the problem is that when I try to update using PC the vita said that I’m already on lastest. but if I’m using wifi it’s 3.69 and it is not what I wanted. anything can help. step by step much appreciate it.

  15. Louie

    Pls let is know when are this fw 3.69 will be hacked! Same problem here on updating. Pls…….