PS Vita 3.69 confirmed to patch h-encore, TheFlow to open source the exploit


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35 Responses

  1. kekz


    sony always wins ;_;

  2. zoa

    Unless a new AAA game that requires 3.69 comes out. Sony has not fully won.

    • Dantenerosas

      Catherine and Persona 3\5 Dancing western release have all chances

    • Donopatay

      Unless those games rely heavily on features 3.69 has added (which I doubt) then I think the RePatch plugin can still solve those problems. Hehehe.

      • Aura

        No one can get a compatibility patch for 3.69 games without a modded 3.69. So no, not even teh RePatch plugin will save you.

  3. beau

    this sucks, mine auto updated before i could hack it. I need away to downgrade!
    Any sugestions plz email me at beau_davis2001@yahoo

    • Reynkz

      The hack is been out for a while ._. this update was like yesterday. Why did you wait so long. Also new board is the only way to go.

  4. sad

    buy a new board, is the only way

  5. XG-PRO

    Well the patch isn’t all that tremendous, it can be bypassed again with the progress TheFlow has made and reported. In other words, I don’t believe that it would be impossible for a 3.69 exploit to come out THIS YEAR by someone who understands the code and the vulnerabilities.

    Meanwhile, TheFlow is going to work on the PS4’s kernel, so oh boy, we are gonna have so much fun

  6. Anonymous Elephant

    Oh well, guess we need to board an eternally flying airship.

  7. Some three

    Should’ve baited $ony to sleep by releasing VHBL where then with their next firmware update with actual value (if ever) to release the bombshell.

    In any case, much props for this intelligent entity for doing what 99% of the people can’t do.

  8. olsen

    Time to buy new vita unit!

  9. StellaMaris

    My brother accidentally updated my vita to 3.69. I can’t use it anymore. 🙁

  10. Daniel

    Pls I’m trying to hack my psvita 3.68 but can’t connect it to my system. It keeps saying I must update the software. Pls what can I do?

  11. sushi

    I am on 3.60 but still unhacked… is there a way to manually update to 3.68 and then h-encore that system?

    • Oniclan

      Stay in 3.60 best firmware to hack your vita

    • Celeste

      Use Enso on 3.60, there’s very little reason to update further. Sony hasn’t been adding features, just “improving system stability”. There’s already plugins to make later games work just fine.

  12. Daniel

    My Psvita is not linked to a psn account yet coz I don’t hv one. I tried to sign up but Nigeria is not included in the region. What fo I do?

  13. Heheuehuehe

    I’m glad I decided to check on here before I updated. I made the mistake of updating to 3.63 when I bought my PS Vita and had to wait a few years for the 3.68 hack. I’ve already disabled auto-update and I won’t even dream about updating it unless a new hack shows up. I might not be able to play games such as Catherine, but that’s fine. I’d rather buy it (and other games) for PS4 than losing all the stuff I can do with my Vita.

  14. Demen

    If I missed the wrong update 3.69 then any other way

  15. Arib

    Damm this 3.69 frimware now I can’t hack it

  16. guy

    is there a way to run a psp emulator on 3.69 if so how

  17. Oogaboogah

    Send a Nigeria letter to Sony claiming they’ve inherited 10 billion dollars from the Prince of Abuja

  18. GetGuud

    @3.69 vita users.. you are ALL ***. sincerely , 3.60 user.

  19. apah

    please i wish know something new here not that my ps vita is in 3.69 does it means i can use it or download any game. please sir i dont have a good knowledge about ps vita this is my fisrt time to buy it. what can i do with it now that they said it cant be hacked

  20. Fox Bond

    @apah grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride mate, gonna be a long *** time before 3.69 gets exploited

  21. ashim

    my vita is of 3.69 i upgarded beacuse i did not kenw about it now can i do aif you have any ideanything any ides pls say to me

  22. overlord gt

    i got a method on how to hack my ps vita 3.69 …on the internet so im afried to giv it a try coz no is talking about ….help me guyz if got any method…im bored in the military

  23. Guy

    Yo! Time to update this ***! 3.69/3.70 Hack is coming, TheFlow posted on his twitter.