A look at PSVita upcoming games that will likely require FW 3.69+ – Is it really worth it to lose taiHEN/h-encore to play these games?


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  1. a7mag3ddon

    Are there even any games worth playing on the system now thats been EOL for a while now?

  2. the fighting machine

    Not worth losing the exploit. Honestly people shouldn’t worry. I love my vita and everything it’s received prior the 3.69 update is more than enough.

    I’m more than happy to wait for the final exploit that has been reserved for when the vita reaches its end of life.

    Also, funny story, I bought my vita when I was married. Barely got to play it until now. So really loving it as I’m having first hand experience on all the games on it.

  3. Jeremy Hansel Ojascastro Gonzal

    I wonder if the henkaku spoofer will still let us update games from the LiveArea.

  4. Jack Attack

    Meh. The switch took all my cares away from the Vita. I can certainly wait for the end of the Vita for either used hardware to get cheaper to play these last games, or wait for another, unlikely, hack. Or just never buy and play these at all. Throwaways and ports, anyway.

  5. Dmaskell92

    The last time I checked there wasn’t even any games that required 3.68 (only 3.67), what makes you think they’re pulling the trigger on 3.69 restrictions?

  6. fusony

    it will be hacked soon or later we all know… sony was born losing

    • ProtonDestron

      It’s most likely to happen when Vita goes full EOL (global end of production) in late 2019 or 2020. There is still one kernel exploit unreleased.

  7. the_importer

    I’ve emailed Limited Run Games to see regarding their last upcoming 13 Vita games and the ones they’ve recently sold. I’ll email the admin here if I get a reply back.

  8. Anon

    Death Mark would have been a massive deal breaker for me if it wasn’t also coming to Switch. I’ve waited years to play that in English

  9. Surge

    A dreamcast emulator or ps2 emulator for the vita is all we need that would really make me spend hours on it but i’m definitely not updating to 3.69 it’s not worth it.

    • Donopatay

      That is impossible or at least we won’t be getting a playable/decent performance emulating those two on the Vita.

      • Phoenix

        Actually, there is a decent Dreamcast emu for android devices, I played it about 2 or 3 years ago on a relatively weak tablet, so I don’t see a reason why there can’t be one for the PSVita.

  10. lollypop

    just run a babylonjs gulp server with exploit ported in 3D and 3.69 rofl

  11. Setfu

    “Is it really worth it to lose taiHEN/h-encore to play these games?”

    No game is worth this. None.

  12. Zoltar

    Isn’t Shovel Knight: King of Cards just an update? Or do updates require higher firmwares than games themselves?

  13. sonysucks

    This is a farce. Sony killed off the Vita. Now they just want to kick the last of their fans in the teeth. F^ck sony!

  14. squall

    I don’t play dancing game. So no worries for me.
    As for Catherine, I didn’t manage to finish that one on PS3 but no biggies.
    Can always get a PS4 ver.,

  15. Taronish3

    My 3.65 enso says update so my spoof is now 3.69 and my back psn

  16. Joe austen

    I have 10 ps vitas and around 8 pstvs….

  17. lollypop

    oh hurry go port me a webgl drupal theme with dat.gui.js.VR
    dubbed drupal.VR
    so i can blog in 3D about the latest ploit xDD
    so i can run the latest playground in a 3D init 🙂
    cant wait for the site offline code

  18. lollypop

    and ofc a psvita homebrew cma store :))
    or a full vita cma store client for pc
    for use with cma ofc :p
    electron vitastore.js

  19. Can

    LOL what are you talking abot? Version spoofing is works

    • StepS

      Version spoofing doesn’t let you run encrypted games from higher firmwares. Because f00d (the unhacked security layer above kernel) will refuse to decrypt them.

  20. Vladislav

    but…Fate/Extella Link…oh come on, sony i hate you

    • Heheuehuehe

      I played the JP version of Fate/Extella Link and it worked perfectly well. I think it’s unlikely that they’ll change the NA version too much to demand the new update, so keep your hopes up. .

  21. SCOTT0852

    3.69 doesn’t even have any new encryption keys… It’s literally impossible for games to be 3.69+. A 3.70 may come along later with new encryption keys, but it hasn’t yet and probably won’t.

    • StepS

      The problem is:
      – We don’t know the f00d keys, they are not accessible to us (above the kernel).
      – Even if the keys don’t change, the firmware check still can. And f00d will refuse to decrypt if the firmware is too high. We are not controlling it, so we can’t tell it to ignore the check.
      Like I said in a comment above, it’s not just about the keys.

  22. Hueheuehueh

    This article focuses on the upcoming games and uses them to try and help you making your decision of updating or not. It does not, however, mentions all the things that you can actually do with your hacked Vita.

    People often see the Vita as a dying console with barely anything to offer and nothing more, and would rather invest their money and attention on newer consoles, like Switch. PS Vita and it’s games get more and more devalued as time passes, but that’s because most people can’t see this console’s true potential. Or rather, many never even find out. The prospect of hacking might sound like dangerous or too complicated for some, and maybe they’re right to some point. Thanks to that, many never even consider it as an option, and end up missing all the things that makes the Vita anything but a mere gaming console.

    Among all the many amazing features that were born from the Vita’s hack, here are some of the most meaningful

    – Customize your PS Vita, from custom themes to the very starting logo (the latter is only possible in 3.60/3.65 Enso)
    – Download and play through countless emulators, such as PSP, GBA, SNES, and even Nintendo DS.
    – Download and play pirate copies of PS Vita games, as well as their DLCs (if available)
    – Normally access the PS Store (tested on 15/09/18 in non-*** units, 3.68 h-encore) without the constant demand to upgrade.
    – Make use of plugins such as VitaCheat (to use cheat codes on your games), shellbat (to see the battery percentage on your Vita) and many others to enhance your Vita experience.
    – The exploit is simple to install and can be just as easily removed.
    – H-encore comes with VitaShell installed, a file-managing app that is pretty self-explanatory. Browsing, moving, deleting, copying and pasting files from the deepest folders of your Vita not only become possible, but it’s also very easy to do.

    This, and much more, can be done with your hacked Vita. I doubt I need to say this after sharing this much, but updating to the newest version and losing the ability to do all these things isn’t worth it. Some of these titles might be very interesting, but it’s not 100% sure that they’ll demand this update anyway. If you want my advice, stick with 3.60-3.68 until we get a better picture of what we’re facing or until a new hack is released.

  23. bolo

    Won’t repatch fix the problem of update req. like it has done so far?