PS4 Firmware 5.56


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18 Responses

  1. bustacap says:

    6.00 beta is also happening at the moment

  2. anonim says:

    5.5x kernel exploit it will never come. The kernel structure changed then 5.55.

  3. kevin says:

    5.07 is hackable

  4. solis says:

    I wonder if Sony ever fired their firmware programmer whenever new vulnerability found

  5. Charles Fasano says:

    This update wasn’t mandatory so it’s unlikely to patch exploits.

  6. Magusar says:

    They are probably gonna release the 5.55 exploit/hack once 6.00 is officially out.

  7. common sense says:

    If you’ve been following since January it seems like all this is just pointless to follow for anybody not on 5.05 or below. Someone mentions some worthless *** they found, then once again reiterating not to update. With headlines like ” Mathieulh shows he has a 5.55 kernel dump, taunts Sony ” you have to either be an attention ***, or a ***.

  8. joe says:

    only way to stop hacking ps4 is to force update when you buy it like xbox does

  9. GS says:


  10. Mama says:

    There‘s also a Wii U Firmware Update out, which breaks CBHC (but can easily be fixed). Not worth an article here?

  11. nFo says:

    since firmware 6 is out… (and mandatory for online play – if you have ps+ and no jailbreak interest)

    … any news on 5.5x payloads ?

  12. Haseeb says:

    Ps4 6.00 jailbreak coming details please .