VitaShell 1.95 released – Now compatible with Xerpi’s USB Streaming plugin, a bug fix to prevent Memory Card corruption, and ability to disable warning messages during VPK installation!


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  1. LOOSER says:


  2. LOOSER says:


  3. Christian van Offeren says:

    TY vitashell for corrupting my vita memory card -___-

  4. Asbel_Lhant says:

    I am curious, how does vitashell corrupt MMC? I wanna know, mainly used ftp so knowing how means I can update without issues.

  5. Bryan says:


  6. ANU815 says:

    The concept of having a warning screen for unsafe vpk files has always been ridiculous. I mean, I have already installed a CFW. I would think I understand I’m doing something “unsafe” already… Glad it can now be disabled.