PS4 Syscon keys allegedly disclosed, could ultimately mean PS4 downgrade is possible


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  1. a7mag3ddon says:

    Are these keys permanatly hard coded or could sony just update them in a future firmware uograde ?

  2. doorlock says:

    I like keys

  3. lonewolfryuu says:

    Based on how the PS3 is downgraded nowadays, it might be the same scenario here where it’s limited to how low the base firmware the PS4 is shipped with, if it is shipped with 5.50, then it can’t be downgraded to 5.05

  4. Magusar says:

    Sweet, finally the ps4 scene will be revived again.

  5. Mason says:

    The keys mason that’s all we ever wanted was the keys

  6. kada says:

    do we need some hardware programmer or it would be just like ps3xploit.

  7. Debo says:

    well hopefully it’s like ps3 and doesn’t need torn apart and soldered cuz if it does ull see alot of “I bricked my ps4 bcuz of u not explaining it well” and it’ll be becuz they suck at soldering

  8. Robercik says:

    Super czekam na przeróbkę

  9. francis says:

    me interesa saber mas sobre el hackeo de las consola.

  10. DAtguy says:

    Syscon has functions with the BD as well, meaning possible remarry for those who have lost their drive boards.

  11. juansbeck says:

    hello guys, this work is based on my contributions in 2016, only that some people supposedly close to me have denied all my work, the downgrade if possible! there are some hidden interests that did not want this to be known, I can confirm that the downgrade is possible until the version 4.55 higher versions may be in the future, I am happy that time has given me the reason

  12. Anonymous says:

    When the downgrade will be coming??

  1. October 22, 2018

    […] The tool does not come with the decryption keys, but they are easy to find. […]

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