EDuke32 ported to the PSVita – An open-source port of a no longer available commercial game. Why should you use this port?


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7 Responses

  1. Henkaku Enzo

    Please I’m begging for someone to port duke Nukem zero hour. This was the only duke Nukem game I played growing and up and it’s in third person. I remember playing with all the weapons in multiplayer mode. Please I need this in my life.

  2. James

    Nice! Just downloaded and given it a go, looks good. Smaller file than the official vita one too

  3. Dmaskell92

    Has anyone actually tried the HRP on Vita? Because I have on the official game and it lagged really bad and loading times where intense.

    I don’t see how this homebrew was needed. Mods work on the official game.

    • Flip

      This homebrew is an option for folks who did not grab the official game before it was yoinked from PSN.

  4. Elwood Blues

    Blood is not going to happen, unless somebody ports BlodGDX, which is not open source yet AND is written in Java…

  5. Snake Plissken

    Love it how this mak s it but when I port doom to ps4 it doesn’t catch wind. Must of been becuse of unity