VitaGrafix for hacked PSVita/PSTV consoles released – A plugin that lets you change the rendering resolution and FPS cap of some retail games!


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17 Responses

  1. Panzer

    Bah. Sounds neat but given my Vita games I doubt any of mine would ever get supported.

  2. Pîxèl Shâdèr™

    That’s pretty cool! I’ve been waiting the time to see PSVita’s games at FPS higher than 30fps. :”)

  3. WithoutACap

    The plugin has too many caveats: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens crashes at 544p, World of Final Fantasy only supports up to 480p without graphical bugs, Killzone without a 30FPS cap is broken on the PSTV since menu navigation is impossible, LittleBigPlanet has graphical bugs, etc. The guy doesn’t test these games and the plugin uses kuio. It’s a shame he forces us to waste our time testing stuff out. This plugin wasn’t ready for a feature on Wololo. You guys pulled the trigger too quickly

  4. Azure7th

    still makes no sense that Borderlands is not coming on switch

    but doom is on switch

  5. kok0roki

    nice plugin but idk if I need it, the games looks good enough as it is

  6. snapfries

    The games run at a certain FPS cap because that’s the capability and recommendation, making FPS higher will just bug your game due to increased speeds…

    • Dmaskell92

      I’m more interested in lowering resolution on games that lag like borderlands. I wish the Jak collection was also supported.

  7. Ell Enn

    don’t listen to the negatives, its cool to see this kind of work, of course this moves in a experimental area. no one is forced to use it.

  8. Josh4two0

    Nice. Have it working on my vita. I installed from auto plugin.

  9. cyberkevin

    I want to see how Project Diva games run with it ;;

  10. kevin

    Something publishers would clal “remastering”.

  11. TiCoKH

    Jak and Daxter Trilogy realy need to be supported by this plugin, with that unplayble averge 12FPS. On PS2 – PS3 I made the 100% in a first game, on PS Vita I just give up in the underwater level.

  12. Alex

    Thank you for the work you are doing!
    If you can change the resolution even for these fantastic games to 960×544

    – Uncharted [USA/EUR]
    – Gravity Rush [USA/EUR]
    – Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation [USA/EUR]
    – The Amazing Spider-Man [USA/EUR]
    – Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified [USA/EUR]
    – Need for Speed Most Wanted [USA/EUR]
    – Epic Mickey 2 [USA/EUR]
    – Dynasty Warriors Next [USA/EUR]
    – Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus [USA/EUR]
    – Soul Sacrifice Delta [USA/EUR]
    – Freedom Wars [USA/EUR]
    – Ratchet and Clank [USA/EUR]
    – God Eater 2 Rage Burst [USA/EUR]
    – Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Venus [USA/EUR]
    – Little Deviants [USA/EUR]
    – Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate [USA/EUR]
    – Silent Hill Book of Memories [USA/EUR]
    Thank you!!! 😀

  13. FresnoRob

    Tested this with GOW and it’s legit.

  14. Lordpyro

    If they could port android games to the vita it would be epic!