3 free iOS/Android games that don’t bother you with IAPs and don’t have too much ads – Games that you may haven’t even heard about which are actually good!


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  1. Matt says:

    Pokemon Go is totally free and has no adverts. It even encourages you to go outside and explore.

    That’s the only mobile game i’ve ever been in to, and still am.

    • >:P says:

      Agreed, the best free game on iOS!!!

    • Azure7th says:

      Pokemon GO!!!

    • TehCupcakes says:

      Uuuumm… It’s NOT totally free, though. There are poke coins which can be purchased with real money and used to buy items.

      Yes, you don’t need to spend a dime to progress, but the same can be said of most mobile games in the “Free” category. However, those who are willing to cough up money get a significant advantage such that it becomes a bit Pay2Win. That is the big complaint with IAPs.

  2. drd7of14 says:

    Ehhh…Not a fan. These all look pretty “meh”. Mobile rubs me the wrong way most of the time due to their art style. It’s like they have to scream “this is fun, right!?!?” into our faces, the same tactic as in your face advertising…They don’t care about the experience, it’s all about the money and keeping you hooked. The visual style almost always reflects that, with very rare exception. The lack of art, story, and gameplay is…disturbingly bare.

  3. luke says:

    I really recommend ‘kerflux’
    It’s a very simple game, but it’s very satisfying to play.
    Free, and no ads.
    You are prompted to support the developer, but the prompt can be closed, and it will not ask you again.

  4. Bosstafu says:

    Pixel Dungeon from watabou is great if you’re into roguelikes.
    No ads, completely free and open source. The only IAP is to directly support the developer.
    There are also a bunch of different versions that I haven’t tried so I can’t speak about those.

  5. Nivek says:

    Stranger things is great. No adds no iap.

  6. Dario Brenzini says:

    I loved Defenders II, great game but drained my old phone’s battery like a bloodsucker 😛

  7. Magusar says:

    I recommend Minute Dungeon!
    A nice refreshing Rouge like.
    Little ad at the bottom with no intrusion. No microtransactions, very addictive!

  8. Wishie says:

    DATA WING! Completely free, no ads, *AMAZING* soundtrack, great fun with a few giggles.

  9. Moaz Nasr says:

    Doug Dug seems to be not available for Android

  10. jcags says:

    Extreme Road Trip 2 is very addictive and doesn’t bother you too much with ads.

  11. snk4ever says:

    Great Little War Game / Great Big War Game

    Excellent turn by turn strategy games, you pay upfront like a console game.

  12. Zeke says:

    Ooooh games that don’t have too much ads. Because if there’s a thing a lot of free games and apps have these days, it’s too much ads. Free rouge like games with not too much ads is the way forward. 😀

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Gotta proofread those article headlines… 😉

  13. Formedras says:

    I see a game named Defender, or Defender II, I’m thinking retro arcade, not tower defense.

  14. fernicar says:

    Wagic (of course)
    Battle for Wesnoth
    Free Heroes 2 (T-800 mod)
    King of Fighters-A 2012(F)
    Need For Seed Shift (very rare)
    Quake III 4 android
    Ancient Empires Reloaded
    Bethesda Pinball
    Cyberlords – Arcology FREE
    Doom and Destiny Free
    Exiled Kindoms
    UniWar (up to version 1.9.95)
    FosOne Special Missions Free
    Modern Warplanes
    DGunners SP / ICEBURN!!
    N.O.V.A. Freedom Edition

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