A look at PSVita wishlists after HENkaku’s 2nd year anniversary – Part II


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15 Responses

  1. CRKFIEND says:


  2. Cozmik says:

    It’s nice to see what did and what didn’t make it over to the Vita

  3. the_importer says:

    Hard to believe that it’s been 1 month and a half since h-encore was released and SONY has yet to release a new firmware.

  4. Jephar says:

    How about MUGEN for PS Vita or OPEN BOR for Vita

  5. Geo says:

    Gracias! No sabía que había un Another world 2, por cierto al parece del link del vpk de another está caído

  6. Formedras says:

    Shouldn’t Zelda Classic be on a HENkaku wishlist somewhere?

  7. Crafteck says:

    Aren’t people tired of vita yet

  8. matt says:

    It would be amazing to see Jedi Outcast or Academy on the PS Vita, seeing Quake 3 is on it which uses the same engine.

  9. ESINE says:

    nintendo64 emulator will be great 🙂

  10. Q says:

    Well, i´d love to see some more HL1 engine, or Quake 3 engine games… COD1, perhaps?

  11. Eduardo says:

    Does anyone know where I can find such a Shadow Warrior homebrew for the PSP? I have not found any active links to download.

  12. Shikhar says:

    If we can play online again without getting banned and before sony shuts down vita servers, that’ll be great. Games like killzone are so much fun online

  13. Asbel_Lhant says:

    my wishlist is still a ds emualtor

  14. beef welly says:

    RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN! I know some preliminary work has been done with it but I don’t think a release has been done that’s playable from start to finish and it’s not up on the Vita Homebrew DB.