PSVita USB Streaming Plugin Updated To Version 4 – Now, it actually works well with many games and lets you use your PSVita as a PSTV!


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  1. Dandezign says:

    Awesome plugin, it worked first try 🙂

  2. GGeek says:

    Xerpi just released v5 now.

    Changes since PoC v4:

    Use main DRAM instead of CDRAM for the color-space conversion output; now games have more
    CDRAM available and chances are more of them will boot now
    Properly handle framebuffers with size different than 960×544 (fixes Adrenaline!)
    Reduced plugin size
    General code cleanups and improvements

  3. XG-PRO says:

    v5 has been released.
    Also, when trying to access your files via vitashell, an error occurs, so you cant edit AND have the plugin installed
    BTW can anyone help me with OBS? No matter what I do, video is either black or red. Can anyone share his settings or something?

    • soul says:

      NOTE: If it is not showing up as a device in OBS, it may be because of your privacy settings. You need to allow it to access the camera app :)

  4. Linkinworm says:

    Turns out that you can even use the windows 10 (maybe windows 8, I dunno) camera app that’s built into the os!, was having some trouble with obs and thought I know what accepts cameras, the camera app, seems to work just fine for me.

  5. WaitingKy says:

    v5 is available now. xerpi is just too fast haha

  6. Farchent says:

    Good news….thanks

  7. Donopatay says:

    I will be trying it right now!

  8. ASJdoi says:

    Lol 5 is out now

  9. Kal Vorax says:

    Streaming psp games AND psvita games to larger monitors 😀 sweeeettt

  10. jbfjkn says:

    first and last

  11. Senas8 says:

    I love how much love these devs put into the vita. It’s sad the scene has moved on to the Switch, for good reasons. Thanks for keeping the vita alive.

  12. Vitagaming77 says:

    I’m glad I didn’t track down a psvita that had a hardware tv mod.

  13. Formedras says:

    V5’s out now.

  14. One says:

    why the wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 game shows me error on vita ?

  15. Mr. Abastante says:

    I was able to make it work like charm on my Windows 10 though the Camera app. If you have a build in camera you need to swap it to the next camera (vita)
    Also, I got it working on my Xbox though this website:
    This is fantastic!

  16. lomius says:

    RECREATABLE ERROR: C2-12828-1 error is induced every time I install this plugin.

    Vita 1000

    3.68 Hencore / Henkaku (Always worked since released last month playing Odin’s Sphere)

    Everytime I install this I get the errors on all my games. If I delete the plugin and the txt from the



    I then use the fix here

    to replace the sce_modules folder and the game works again.

    I go back to install the USB streaming plugin again and the above error comes back again. I’ve tried this 4 times and happens exactly the same every time.

    I’ve rebooted probably 10 times each after each attempt. Also turned off wifi and bluetooth and tried airplane mode as some of these other threads suggested. Only thing that works is to follow the steps above to fix the error but then of course I cannot use the streaming plugin. Please help. Awesome Work otherwise. The only game that doesn’t seem to be affected in my library is Persona 4 Golden… But every other game gets the same error.


    Odin’s Sphere

    Dragon’s Crown

    Wipeout 2048

  17. Whisper says:

    I’m not really interested because i had vita tv but not portable vita. Though if it can stream vita into your smartphone screen, i might think about it xD

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