PSVita USB Streaming Plugin Version 3 released (still WIP) – Streaming is much more reliable with good performance in some games but much still needs to be done


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  1. Zedlion

    i dont actually get what this does… anyone want to try to summarize with the TLDR version

    • Thales_alex

      Computer thinks your vita is a webcam when conected, you can record your gameplay or stream it using OBS (Open Broadcast Software)

  2. wraithalchemist

    thought i would have seen the news about the guy that enabled 3.68 certs on 3.65 so we could browse and download directly from github again…. but this broken plugin is cool to. lol

  3. Dave

    Why does this site now focus almost entirely on PS vita, when the switch scene is also making bounds of progress.

  4. Catmato

    What’s the point when PSTV is a thing?

  5. one

    why the wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 game shows me error on vita ?