NoLockScreen for the PSVita released – Nuke that pointless screen right now!


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  1. Donopatay

    Unfortunatley, the lock screen is kind of useful for me.

    • Rai Bakuoh

      it doesnt serve a purpose, who looks for the time on a Vita instead a cellphone o a watch?

      • Henkaku User

        It’s useful because you can put a passcode on the lockscreen. Also I’m not sure if VSH menu is compatible on lockscreen, but if it is you can quick boot some games. So what I’m saying is it’s a nice multitasking feature assuming it’s compatible. I haven’t tested it so I don’t know. But yeah, passcode is really the only thing that’s useful for me on lockscreen.

      • dameros

        sometimes you want it locked. the reasons are as numerous as there are people
        I like it myself

  2. Jgr9

    Something like this was pretty easy to do with the registry editor. I just set mine to like 2hrs or something, including the screen turning off, in case I was watching something lengthy or whatever. Though I guess it usually disabled during video playback anyways, but just in case. It was too short to be begin with anyways. Um except…… Pay attention and turn it off when you actually should because burn-in does happen.


    I think the lock screen’s a nice touch.

  4. 风君子

    Can I add fingerprint reader to my vita

  5. gbg

    Very cool. Thanks Flow.

  6. Bahh

    This is great for people who have issues with the touchscreen while charging, cheers!

    • Hardin

      I have the same issue. Sometimes it will “peel” slightly and return to its locked position or won’t respond at all. It’s always remedied by waiting but still, annoying!

  7. d4rk51d3

    I’d rather get rid of the epilepsy warning screen though.

  8. Itachi

    I think what is so useful when you have KIDS, is an APP that locks when watching VIDEO on VITA.

  9. Taronish3

    Thanks flow I needed it badly since PS vita 2012 days thanks as always for this great plugin ….can u come up with a plugin that tires open by x /o button s just letting u know my wishlist..flow that flows.

  10. Pete

    fyi I only got this working by removing the leading slash from “tai”, “ux0:tai/nolockscreen.suprx". not sure why.

  11. sdfasad

    Only problem I see is if SD2Vita wakes the vita (it happens, others have experienced this) would it open to a game you forgot to pause? What if you disable the screen-timeout? Has the sd2vita problem been solved without me knowing? Give me answers, wololo readers are USUALLY extreme genius

  12. cOcO!

    Got updated, now it also disables the lockscreen on cold boot

  13. Lollypop

    Still no psvita Bochs or semi?
    Or userland kernels like in OLd Androids?