#LetMaiDie game decrypter released – Games that require FW 3.67/8 can be now be played on FW 3.60/3.65 with compatibility packs!


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  1. Berk can

    Noob question: cant i play every 3.60+ game on 3.60 henkaku, does it need to be 3.67 or 3.68?

  2. daikatana

    What if game requires specific feature set that only exist on higher firmware? Does this ppk extract those features from FW and append it as game patch?

    • cOcO

      All new firmware releases since 3.60 are just to patch vulnerabilities, not a single new feature has been introduced on vita since firmware 3.51 except TLS 1.2 support on 3.67

  3. PirateBay

    “Games that require FW 3.67/8 can be now be played on FW 3.60/3.65”

    Take out the be after can. Just letting you know we all have typos and make mistakes.

  4. Jgr9

    I’m guessing probably not, but would this work to fix Twitch on 3.60?

  5. nebu_187

    so glad i did not update

  6. psvlover

    i thought using this and decrypting eboot.bin, i can use the gohanmem hack tool with the nonpdrm game. false hope 🙁

  7. Lollypop

    Is there a list to know witch games exactly ?
    LetMaiLive bite her

  8. Big question! If I play a dumped version of a game and saved that game would I be able to play that save file in another dump of a different a game? I’ll explain what I mean. If I am playing a dumped copy of soul sacrifice from PKGJ store and make a save file can I play that save file in soul sacrifice delta which is also a dumped copy from PKGJ? Not many games let you import save files from older prequels of games. I think soul sacrifice and toukiden are the only games that come to mind.

  9. nice

    wait I don’t understand. do we like install it first and see the icon bubble. then put the eboot inside the folder id and copy to repatch. and play . am I correct.

  10. shlurp

    can you play with this Ys viii?

  11. krieg158

    Can i use letmaidie and nonpdrm in the same console without problems?

  12. WolfRamiO

    PKGj with rePatch plugin installed do all the job 🙂

  13. Shyney

    Since rePatch acts as if its an update and, redirects from the actual patch folder to rePatch, I cant use any official Updates from pkgj. Is there a solution for this? Can you, for example, place the updates directly into the game directory itself?

  14. whisper

    Sorry, but i dont understand on how to use it. Is the game needed to be patched or something?

  15. great, thank you for sharing information