TheFlow working on a new DualShock 3/4 plugin for the PSVita and an Adrenaline update to allow for local multiplayer with them!


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5 Responses

  1. MrLukeH

    The possibilities, how many games do you think could work in this fashion? Great work as always by TheFloW.

  2. drd7of14

    Interesting. I’ve always wondered if the PSTV in particular could handle 2 psp emulators simultaneously operating in horizontal splitscreen for multiplayer gaming by using some sort of adhoc trickery between them.

    If TheFlow has made this a reality, splitscreen Battlefront: Elite Squadron, here I come!

  3. Justice

    “Who needs a Switch”? Really? Is that some sort of joke?
    I get that the vita is becoming more “useful” with all these goodies but there really is no room for comparison here. The Vita is awesome but we’ve gotta admit that the Switch is superior.

  4. Alex

    Does this mean Psx games that used the Link cable. Ie. two ps vitas running Wipeout 2097 in link mode?