PSV VSH Menu v3.4 – The ultimate fix for overclocking


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. Dan

    Great job! But I noticed that your plugin doesn’t include bus overclock (unlike oclock),I don’t know how useful is that,but it would be nice if you could include that too,just to surpass oclock once and for all.

  2. hehehe

    Nice… first.

  3. heheh

    first 2.0

  4. that guy

    so childish

  5. dsuihdfjh

    *** plugin, only version ever worked was the first release one, the rest don’t even show up and keep getting errors, stick to oclock vsh is garbage…uses kuio

  6. Farchent

    Good news

  7. Kenneth Baumgart

    I may be dumb, but I followed the directions from the github page and nothing is happening.
    Could someone tell me what’s wrong?

  8. Anon

    If you have any plugins in ux0:/tai move them all to ur0:/

    Once you’re done delete the ux0:/tai folder and reload tai cache and reboot.

    • Kenneth Baumgart

      I’m also running a PSVita 3.68 with an SD2Vita mounted as Ux0, does that make a difference?

      • Kenneth Baumgart

        I do get is vsh folder in Ur0:Data with a couple of config files; but the L+R+Start and L+R+Select do nothing when I do it, is there a step I am missing because It makes it look like it should be done.

        • Anon

          Do you have KUIO installed? If you used a previous version delete ur0:/data/vsh

          • Kenneth Baumgart

            I got it working; you can see my post below; I am noticing some oddities with my system now as some information is a bit off from what I’ve been reading online.

  9. Disco

    Last version I tryed is 3.2, and it wouldn’t work with Resident Evil: Revelations 2….
    Can you fix that?
    I will try ver 3.4.

  10. Kenneth Baumgart

    Never mind, got it working; tested it using the slowest game I own (Which is Gal*Gun: Double Peace)
    Now the game never drops below 20 and stays between 30 and 60 most of the time; which is much better and much more playable then normal.

    Maybe we can get further over clocking in the future? I don’t know, but I think it’ll be cool.

    • Kenneth Baumgart

      Also, quick note.

      my vita shows my clock speed for CPU to be 555, but from what I’m seeing it’s supposed to be 444; is that strange?

  11. demol

    hey joel, thanks for this amazing plugin !

    Theres one thing though, Dragons crown has been known to be one of the few games that are “unoverclockable”. It just never worked, even if the value was shown correct. Does this helps with those kond of games ?


  12. hehehehe

    Nice update… am a child btw hehehe

  13. Богдан Кушнір

    Rigth !D

  14. phonz

    Can this change the clockrate AND keep them for World of Final Fantasy yet?
    Last I checked, the game would change the clock between cutscenes and gameplay.

    • Joel16

      I specifically tested it with my world of final fantasy cart to make sure it fixed that.

  15. Christos Petropoulos

    Thanks for the amazing plugin but I cannot make it work although I followed the steps of REAME. I am on 3.68 hencore.

    • Christos Petropoulos

      I mean, L+R+STAR/SELECT doesn’t work.

      • Joel16

        Make sure you’re using ur0:/tai
        if you have a folder called ux0:/tai it won’t work. You need to move all your plugins to ur0:/tai and then delete the ux0:/tai folder.

        • Christos Petropoulos

          Thanks for the reply. Finally I made it work and yes you are right, I use both ur0 and ux0 with tai folder, so what I did is use some plugins in ur0 and some in ux0. What I have to do is moving all in one and delete ux0?

  16. Albert C.

    Is there anything that can fix the battery desync issue with Vita? It is similar to the problem the Switch has been having and needs a PROPER fix instead of having to re-seat the battery by taking the Vita apart.

  17. Ezekiel

    So it seems that all of my games that I downloaded (God eater 2, danganronpa 2, neptunia v generation, these are the slow ones and frameskips alot) don’t work with this version I followed the instructions and deleted the vsh folder as well as the previous versions in ux0. Am I doing something wrong or it just doesn’t work yet with other games?

  18. Ezekiel

    Still won’t work on mine

  19. Ezekiel

    Nevermind, I managed to figure it out. I thought that deleting tai in ux0 folder will *** up everything. I read the very top of the ur0 config that it will read that instead if ux0 tai is not found

  20. Hardin

    The tone of this had me chuckling. Thank you very much for all your time and effort, good sir!

  21. oldino

    Is it normal that vsh menu only shows up while in game and nothing shows up in psv home screen when pressing L+R+start?
    Is it supposed to work this way?

  22. Mr. Abastante

    I’m sorry but I can’t get it to work. I followed the installation instructions but it doesn’t show up. Also, going through the comments, I noticed that I don’t have a ur0:/data folder.
    I moved all my plugins to ur0:tai

    • Cosmic

      Same here, don’t know what’s happening

      • Machiavelli

        Try checking if you have a tai folder in uma0:. If you do just make sure you have all your plugins in ur0 and then rename the tai folder in uma0 to something like “tai_backup”. Renaming it is just to avoid deleting it if you ever need it there again. This worked for me.

  23. Lazen

    “Certain games boot with a custom clock rate – Myth!” is it?
    Toukiden Kiwami works really bad on default clock rates, but when you boost gpu clock it works well

  24. FFTW

    So,what are the benefits of overclocking? IIRC it makes the battery run-out faster,so I am curious as to what the positives are. Do the game framerates increase?