Nintendo Switch: Team Xecuter asking for help to get their hands on unhackable models


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  1. Jermaine D. Delos Santos says:

    Hi @Wololo,

    Are you still looking for a guest blogger who could provide some substantial output for the site and is one who has great interest towards the console hacking scene?

    I think you got that person with me who is willing to personally discuss a partnership involving guest blogging.

    What do you think?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Jermaine D. Delos Santos

    • Susan Sarandon says:

    • Wololo says:

      Hello Jermaine
      nice to hear that. Tell me more about yourself and what you have done for the scene so far.


    • bakasurvaiva says:

      i see this guy all over the freaking internet lol. i legit keep finding him everywhere i go lmao

    • Sagmolo says:

      Dear Jermaine D. Delos Santos,

      Thank you for your application to become a guest blogger. As you know it’s imperative that ye know ye are a batty and that you have previous articles you have posted on the internet, or in print media.

      Kind Regards,

    • Raw says:

      If you try to get in contact with wololo in the comment section and not with an email I don’t really want you to make articles about the site tbh

    • fusfhrueiwhfueiw says:

      dear nartuto
      yourere supposed to pm him

  2. Snintendog says:

    so unhackable revisions exist hmmmm seems like Xecutor are Hacks they are selling a cheap USB dongle for a premium price that is known to brick devices and now they cant get their hands on one on their own sounds like a scam.

    • Jack Attack says:

      The dongle is actually very well made and engineered and is a reasonable price when you remove the license cost. It is, in fact, not known to brick any single device that wasn’t heavily tampered with and asking to be bricked and that code has also been nullified.

      But, hey, nice try. It’s not a scam and the main problem with Xecutor is that they’re lazy but at the same time they are offering a free exchange that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

    • DrFunk2k says:

      Right now the patched versions are only circulating in Asia. India, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea. Hence it is hard for them to get one.

    • Thetechdoc says:

      How on earth does this sound like a scam? The unhackable ones are extremely rare as of now, therefore hard to find and try and exploit, TX is asking for someone to send their unit to them in exchange for a hackable one, so they can hopefully exploit it and update their os/dongle etc,

      Far out I’m so sick of people hating TX simply cus they charge for their work, man if it wasn’t for gateway on the 3ds with their flashcards, emunand would likely have never been a thing, if you recall, the early softmod process involved booting into gateways nand tools (which they took from the flashcard) in order to hack it.

      Get over the fact that they are paid Sheesh.

      • Fat Boi says:

        Ironically it’s the same idiots that want to crack the sx os. They talk so much *** they deserve a brick. If they want to live the free life then they need to shut the *** up and wait on the opensource bench

  3. john says:

    well, nothing of any surprise here. They will soon be updating their site with this warning I’m sure. It is the exact same story as with the xbox 360 winchester codenamed models. CPU was upgraded, rgh did not work, but given it was towards the end of 2014, and there were plenty of hackable 360’s still available they just did not care on finding a solution for those. tx just used openly available source code for the exploit part, their “only” work is the handling of xci files + license check to guard their profits. I’m not saying it was easy to pull off, but definitely easier than finding the exploit to begin with. Even if where to look for an exploit was kinda not really hidden in the official tegra docs from nvidia.

  4. Samuel Ackerman says:

    I just bought my Switch from I live in china
    Model # HAC-S-KABAA (JPN)
    Serial# XAJ40046845524
    Firmware: 4.1.0
    SX PRO WORKS!!!!!!

  5. Pete says:

    Do you still need the dongle for the Homebrew channel To work

  6. Pete says:

    What consuls are affected

  7. vex says:

    Thank you for sharing this video, I would love to watch this video

  8. Nintendo users are requesting to build some unhackable models to make there gaming more secure. The hackers are increasing day by day as the technology is growing. I have been thinking of that how can Nintendo increase its security.