PS4 Media Player 3.50 VR patched for 5.05 (runs on non activated consoles)

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  1. hiroaki says:

    Isn’t this sony-copyrighted software? Is that download link even allowed here?

  2. spok says:

    no matter – at least we are getting there what jailbroken PS3 offers so next shall be MultiMan with built-in FTP plus ShowTime for MKVs asap 🙂

  3. flingoo says:

    Also nice to have options

  4. Spellcheck says:

    At least spellcheck before submitting the article.

  5. Pshaks says:

    Its homebrew

  6. jule says:

    working fine on my 5.05 fw.

  7. Nicholas Cage says:

    I get a prompt when trying to install this.
    The same content has already been installed. Do you want to continue?
    But I have a non activated 5.05 console and no media player app

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