PS4 Media Player 3.50 VR patched for 5.05 (runs on non activated consoles)

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  1. hiroaki says:

    Isn’t this sony-copyrighted software? Is that download link even allowed here?

    • Alex says:

      Well it is free on PSN I’m pretty sure, the difficult part is getting it to older firmwares, because once you update to get it from psn, you can’t downgrade and jailbreak, I’m assuming I may have been the one who actually provided the original non patched version, I actually had a copy of it that was downloaded from psn and the PS4 was kept offline long enough to get the jailbreak, and kept the media player installed, with the jailbreak I was able to dump it and provide copies to others. However where this one originated from cannot be certain, it may have originated from me, maybe not.

  2. spok says:

    no matter – at least we are getting there what jailbroken PS3 offers so next shall be MultiMan with built-in FTP plus ShowTime for MKVs asap 🙂

  3. flingoo says:

    Also nice to have options

  4. Spellcheck says:

    At least spellcheck before submitting the article.

  5. Pshaks says:

    Its homebrew

  6. jule says:

    working fine on my 5.05 fw.

  7. Nicholas Cage says:

    I get a prompt when trying to install this.
    The same content has already been installed. Do you want to continue?
    But I have a non activated 5.05 console and no media player app