PS Vita: Adrenaline (PSP Emulator custom firmware) updated to version 6.6, improves performance and fixes crashes


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8 Responses

  1. pusemucke says:

    Since TheFlow introduced a fast forward option for PS1 games with update 6.4, i wonder if you can change its activation code. The one he locked in collides with Vita2PC’s activation, being L+Select as well, which makes it a nogo to install yet.


    and…FIRST!! LOL XD

  3. Orange Peel says:

    Can anyone get X-files game to work on Adrenaline? Never worked on my PSP

  4. cucu sopyan says:

    Dimana saya harus menyimpan game.iso atau game.cso di ps

  5. sonicman says:

    hi guys,I install adrenaline copy psp iso game to the folder(pspemu)but games doesn’t show up…
    and I read somewhere about adding a sentence under kernel (like that we do for nondprm games) but still not showing up any games help me please

  6. xai says:

    Hi. Can you hack 3.70 version?

  7. Bartek says:

    Quick question. My Final Fantasy 8 eboot tends to freeze. It does not accept any input from buttons unless I’ll try to press all buttons at once. Then it unfreezes after few attempts. Anyone had the same experience?