Nintendo Switch: Hexkyz and Naehrwert update tool to decrypt/unpack Team Xecuter’s SX OS 1.3


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32 Responses

  1. a7mag3ddon says:

    I’d recommend people buy this software it’s cheap, it’s updated regular and worth the minimal investment.

    • Albert C. says:

      Totally second this!! I’ve been having a heck of a time with all these XCI games and using DevMenu with SX OS 1.3 LayeredfS installed to get NSP games as well. Worth the price of admission.

      • Richard says:

        Nah…why pay for piracy…when you can get a bit and get piracy for free (as it should be)

        • Emilio Robles says:

          lol you dumb, you are not paying for pirated software or as you say “pay for piracy”, you pay for a full developed software made for piracy. If someone pirated the software and tried to sell it to you, that would be paying for piracy

          • Dinckelman says:

            You are the one who is dumb. They STOLE open source code, made it closed source, claimed it as their own, and then sold the whole piece of *** to your face, that isn’t capable of supporting the developers that you also stole games from with a few bucks

          • Kirigawa Kazuto says:

            They are selling you the ability to play pirated games. Thus you are paying for piracy…
            I have also ordered an SX Pro and I’m happy to be able to play games for free; but let’s call a spade a spade…

          • 0ver_flow says:

            You shouldn’t ever have to pay for custom firmware or hacking software — the only reason they are able to sell it is because it uses a dongle.

            Why pay a company that has created code to purposefully brick your console, when you could wait for it to be free and open source? At least then if you brick your console it’s your own fault.

          • Ethan says:

            Wrong wording but you get the point he’s trying to make, why pay for the ability to piracy.

            Instead of paying for a “full developed software” you could pay for a “full developed game” etc.

            I bought the TX but in a way I do agree, why pay for the ability to pirate and get things free when you can pirate the ability to pirate games.

    • mixedfish says:

      Yes it is a low enough price and fair considering they went head first to making something exactly we are all secretly waiting for. Unlike all those PS4 guys who just sit on their hands and sprout *** about ethics and whatever.

    • z2 says:

      yeah, and hope that brick code won’t erroneously trigger.

    • Johnny says:

      Hello team xecuter, i won’t pay to pirate LMAOO

  2. Woohoo says:

    First u beIIends!

  3. Grr says:

    If ppl just leave the dongle along for us buyers and just enjoy atmosphere -_-

  4. Mr. First says:


  5. rffdsx says:

    I don’t want a dongle or a complicated boot process. I will wait for a real cfw. Wasn’t planning on going online anyway. Nintendo online sucks ***.

  6. Maikson says:

    TX make to much changes in boot and NAND, everyone will be banned soon or later, even without password locking eMMC the nand corruption is still there sadly.
    My only concern right now is with termosphere (atmosphere Emunand) without any update for 2 months, looks like sciresM won’t do any update on it any soon, maybe in a year we can have something when everyone will be already banned

  7. Captain jack says:

    IMa pirate arghhhh

  8. cbtrocafort says:

    this arrogant loosers being arrogant before tx released. now they’re cracking it. recommend to buy this. very cheap. not risking my unit for these loosers.

  9. a7mag3ddon says:

    To the people talking about brick code can you tell me other than the people trying to reverse engineer the custom firmware how many regular users bricked their consoles by using it. You know, from the 000’s upon 000′ that were sold.

    Oh whats that.. 0 you say ?


  10. jligg says:

    The only people that bricked their switch are the idiots that tried to reverse it

    • nohackit says:

      yes, don’t know the reason why they want to do it. The hackers should find their own way to crack the Nintendo Switch not just try to copy the others and make it free, the SX OS is indeed cheap right now for playing Switch games.

  11. shake my head says:

    All these people moaning they shouldn’t pay for privacy…….ever heard of flashcards? modchips? those weren’t free…….oh I forgot this generation expects everything for free when they want it….

    • sandy says:

      we paid for those devices because we did not have means to load storage on those devices or those devices did not HAVE operationg systems to be exploited
      older generations of videogame consoles ran games on bare metal,now operating sytems exist which can and will be exploited
      at the end of the day it comes down to whether u want to pay of not

  12. nohack says:

    The hackers should find their own way to crack the Nintendo Switch not just try to copy the others and make it free, the SX OS is indeed cheap right now for playing Switch games.

  13. bob says:

    God, the TX shills here are unreal.

  14. Erolicious says:

    One of two things is gonna happen:
    1) in the span of a year (or months) ahead someone will come up with backup lanchers like sx os for free.
    2) noone managed it, and we’re stuck to only play backups with the sx os.

    Even if another backup launcher won’t be made, I’ll gladly get the sx os, cos’ ultimately it’s cheaper in the long run.