“fusée gelée immune” Nintendo Switches allegedly start to appear in retail stores


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19 Responses

  1. zeromass

    wouldn’t any switch in a splatoon 2 bundle be vulnerable?

  2. Dialtone

    Gonna need to start being aware of manufacture date. Knew I shouldn’t had waited.

    • Idc

      This happens literally every single time big vulnerabilities like this are discovered & publicly exploited. PSP, PS3, XBOX360, Wii, WiiU etc. all had hardware revions and or factory set patches for this same exact type of thing.

  3. Makak1984

    I bought few month ago used unit to have 100% sure to have vulnerabe device

  4. JoJo

    You could always re-import a unit. The switch in Brasil, my country, sit on shelves for a LOT of time, you could still find launch models if you search enough. Maybe Mexico also has this “problem”, it would be easier for north americans import from then.

  5. john10101

    how would i identify if the new unit i got is patched or not?

  6. Dialtone

    Bought from amazon.ca for prime day and got a 4.1.0 if it helps anyone.

    • a

      I just bought mine from prime day as well, not arrived yet though.

      Does the exploit work on your switch and if it doesn’t s your switch one of these models/serials?

      HAC-S-JXE-C3 models, with serial IDs starting with XAJ7004XXXXXX

    • aaaa

      is it unhackable and if so, is it one of these models?

      HAC-S-JXE-C3 models, with serial IDs starting with XAJ7004XXXXXX

    • Qai

      Hi, does fusée gelée work on your switch and what model/firmware do you have?

      • Qai

        I mean what model/serial do you have?

        I bought mine from the prime deal amazon.ca as well, it’s arriving monday…. probably means they are restocking in the mean time which means new patched switches :(, i’m considering cancelling and going for the ebay deal.

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