PS Vita: pkgj updated to version 0.26

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  1. Pelopincho says:


  2. newrcc says:

    Nice Job!!

  3. Farchent says:

    Great..another update

  4. Farchent says:

    Great….another update

  5. Semtronix says:

    So much for not supporting piracy

    • ZeroSbr says:

      You can still use this legally if you rip the ROM from your own carts.

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        If you rip your carts with NoNpDrm (which this app requires) you don’t need this app period. I don’t see a way to use this legally, unless you never setup a config file.

      • Semtronix says:

        The app that’s designed to download games from Sony’s servers in conjunction with NoNpDRM so you can play everything for free has no purpose in existing if you’re ripping your own carts.

    • hypocritical cheapskate says:

      We all know “homebrew” is just a front for “piracy” nowadays.
      I just wish people were just honest about their behavior rather than trying to justify it in some roundabout way.

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        Nobody is using homebrew as a front for piracy. There are several homebrew apps and games I use constantly, and I garuntee you do too.
        *Cough* VitaShell

  6. Orange Peel says:

    This plugin is ace

  7. You probably meant 0.27.

  8. Makak1984 says:

    Now 0.27 😉 fast dev

  9. Good news! Probably one of the most useful homebrews yet.

  10. Frezzno says:

    Of course you use this app legally, by downloading games you’ve already bought. Can’t do that with a hacked vita.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Downloading a game you own is still illegal. It doesn’t matter if you own a physical or digital copy. If you’re downloading the game from this app you are stealing the package url from Sony, and you’re using a shared license key. Pirate if you want, no judgement but don’t try and justify “legal” usage of a piracy app.

      • Frezzno says:

        No I don’t steal. In order for the game to work you will have to also install nodrm plugin. That is stealing. With this app, games downloaded will work if you bought it once. This app is just golden for hacked vita.

  11. AngryAgain says:

    Can i move the h-encore app to internal memory of ps vita fat ? FW 3.68, i am using the sd2vita, but when i shut down i must open the h-encore in the sony SD to hack again, only then my sd2vita takes its place, if i could move the app encore to ur0 i would not need the sony card anymore. But i dont know how or if its possible.
    Anyone ???

  12. Wesley says:

    Post for Electra JB plis

  13. poiagoboy says:

    I always get an http error, can anyone help me out?

  14. kok0roki says:

    ps vita is well alive now and as it should be, its nice to be back after my PSP died

  15. Smoker1 says:

    Need to have it where you can Install the PKGs if they are Present.

  16. Danieru says:

    it works in 3.60?

  17. qwertttqteqwetqer says:

    hello im new here. do i need 3.65 or higher to use this?