If you’re on FW 3.60, should you update your PSVita/PSTV to FW 3.65 or 3.68 and use h-encore?


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  1. Reynkz says:

    If its not broke, don’t fix it. I’m on 3.60 and it has been amazing so far. Although when Catherine Full Body comes out, I most likely re-consider.

    • Animedono says:

      Catherine: Full Body is coming at end of the year in japan, and by then if not in this very month, Sony will have released another firmware update for sure. Unlike Ps3 there are still vita games on the pipeline so i don’t think they will leave it as is. 3.69-3.70 is on its way. I would rather Flow released the hack end of the year like originally planned so we had persona dancing games in English released and Catherine at least jpn release.

    • The White Tyger says:

      Same here, staying with the Magic 3.60 FW and working ENSO, don’t need to play other games, yet if at all higher than 3.60

  2. DrRetro says:

    Sound for me like: stay on 3.60 and wait what’s happen in the next weeks/months.

    The pros are nice, but the cons are also not so nice. And right now I didn’t need a higher FW, Vita activation or PSN access.

  3. DvdX says:

    Usually I jump on the upgrade bandwagon. “Exploit has been updated? Okay, update the system for better game compatibility”. Well, in this case, I waited (since I barely use my Vita anyway). I have SD2Vita with a few games on it, didn’t want to lose that. Also like the coldboot.

  4. AdamSwine says:

    the Vita has very few games actually worth playing. ( subjective, i know ) but then the experience is ruined by a handheld with a poor design.

    the only thing to understand is that Sony is a terrible company. they release poorly designed devices. then they create misconceptions around their products.

    Sony used to be great… once upon a time.

    eventually Sony will have to rethink what it wants for PlayStation. if they are smart they will start behaving just a little more like Nintendo. (that is, considering their blatant disregard for backwards compatibility as already stated by Sony themselves.) that is, in the sense of placing more priority on first party titles. first party titles really is the only thing Sony has got going for the PlayStation. i will admit that they have some fantastic first party titles. but unless they can play a similar field as Microsoft and/or Nintendo, first party titles is all they are going to have. which will either mean the PlayStation getting buried or becoming a niche console that is overpriced.

    P.S. not mad -_^

  5. A_R says:

    On 3.65 Enso now, is this worth it? If so, how do I do it?

    • Quade321 says:

      No advantage whatsoever for you, unless you want to update to 3.68 to play games that required 3.68, and lose enso.

    • lightning says:

      Wait for people to release all 3.67/3.68 dumps on Mai decrypted. You will be able to play all 3.68 games eventually on 3.65 Enso. No need to upgrade.

  6. Whowhatwherehow says:

    Thank you. Been asking myself this since the time H-encore was released. With what CelestBlue mentioned I will wait for a while.

  7. Doug says:

    If im running 3.65 enzo. Can I remove enzo and update somehow or am I stuck on 3.65?

  8. Smoker1 says:

    Will stick on 3.65 Enso with my PSVSD as ux0, and SD2Vita as uma0 . Have no use for any newer Games.

  9. Abraham says:

    I’m fine on 3. 65 enso most of the games that require a higher firmware aren’t even that good in my opinion pretty much I’ve got all the games I may have any interest in on my Vita already

  10. Alty says:

    I’ll stay at 3.60 as long as there’s no permanent hack in the higher firmwares.

    • Raichan says:

      There’s enso in 3.65.

      • but.. says:

        Some of us prefer 3.60 for the most compatibility 🙂

        • kaluas says:

          Is it really the compatibility better though ?

          In the most used homebrews, they all mention compatibility for the newer firmwares in the changelog. I imagine that some problems may occur on 3.60.

          • but.. says:

            can’t reinstall on 3.65. Some of us just prefer 3.60 as a safety net. For me there’s nothing useful for me on higher firmwares, the list of 3.61 games for example has no interest to me either.

          • kaluas says:

            What do you mean you can’t reinstall on 3.65, h-encore lets you install enso on 3.65.

            After all, we are talking about a portable console. What’s the point of having one if you can’t access your bought games.

  11. Xavieryay says:

    Sorry but you’ve got all wrong about some plugins and homebrew that didn’t work correctly on FW 3.67 /3.68, I have a vita on FW 3.68 and the custom themes keep working after reboot , and also the plugin that show the batterie percentage actually work in my 3.68 vita

  12. lonewolfryuu says:

    I went ahead and installed h-encore 3.65 (with Enso just to see if it works) and planning to go 3.68, as long as adrenaline and nonpdrm works then i’m gold, i don’t use too many homebrews, and themes are just pretty cosmetics anyways, and re-installing henkaku from h-encore is really really easy, it’s literally just a few clicks and seconds away unlike before which was a chore, from my experience, i don’t really see the need for enso now much like the 3.60 days since h-encore basically replaces it and i prefer my games untouched or as original as possible, i don’t like edited games from Mai cause some of them may have issues (i’m just assuming) when played on lower firmware, i for one am glad to update to 3.65 and i’m having a blast, thanks to TheFlow, and i’ll go to 3.68 once i get the new Persona Dancing and Fate/Extella games 🙂

  13. kaluas says:

    After the safety net of h-encore got in the wild, i have updated from 3.60 to 3.65. I can download my bought and PS+ games again which for me is a major thing.

  14. Haziq says:

    I’m not going to update unless vitacheat is stable.. and i dont see any major reason to update cuz game that required 3.61+ is not that great..

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Here’s a list of all the games that require 3.61+ to work: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CFJ8SxN-2hyCUYapOvfxfkeLtYI9Eyy8foZMgYSKplw/edit#gid=1994011714

      Really? None of those games are good? Ys VIII is great, and Salt & Sanctuary is good. Darkest Dungeon on the go doesn’t sound bad either.

      • nope says:

        Nope, literally none of those games interest me at all, which is why i’m staying on 3.60 🙂

        • thehaxfactory says:

          Are you serious? Danganronpa V3 is a total dealbreaker for me. I actually had a second beater Vita (it wasn’t in good condition when I bought it) that was used purely for homebrew. It’s a 3G model on 3.60 so I could technically replace 3G with more storage but I also do happen to have a 3G ATT Sim that I had been paying for in a tablet that I could use as well. I’m considering giving my friend my beater 1000 since I got him into Persona 5 and he wants to play the earlier games (and imo the best place to play them is PSP).

  15. TehCupcakes says:

    I think you should have touched on 3.65 a bit more. There are TONS of games that require 3.61+, while very few currently required 3.67/3.68. That is the main appeal of updating, and 3.65 gets you compatibility with most games as well as keeping Enso.

    As far as plugins go, I’m not exactly sure how 3.65 fares because I haven’t tried many. Out of the ones I have used, however, everything has been working perfectly. (I updated to 3.65 as soon as TheFlow released his updater.)

    I think there is still a significant argument to be made for 3.65, even if 3.68 is unnecessary.

  16. nope nope nope says:

    Not a chance in heck am I updating from 3.60 lol

  17. the onezeros says:

    for all the saints, if you risk maybe you brick the board

  18. Jure says:

    Yeah. But you need MC on pstv

  19. Mo Poge says:

    Will upgrading to 3.65 enso allow me to activate my Vita on PSN? Do I still need an activated Vita to use Remote Play (or a 3rd party version of it)? What else do I get out of activation?

  20. AJ says:

    So here’s a complete noob question…
    I have an unhacked 3.60 that I want to hack. All of the documentation and apps I can find only support 3.65+. I see several people on here stating that they will just stay on 3.60 until things shake out. How can I do a new hack on only 3.60 when all of the hacking apps seem to have been updated to 3.65+? Am I missing something?

  21. thai says:

    i prefer on 3.60 , we able to play game version 3.61 or higher by tool name repatch