Auto-h-encore: Automate (most of) h-encore hack installation on your PS Vita


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28 Responses

  1. Farchent

    Owww yeah…this is easy

  2. Kouros


  3. Duhjoker

    Not that re-installing henkaku and vitashell bothers me. Its so not a problem.

    But how about an auto feature that installs the two software sets automatically upon booting the system?

    • Cocoliso

      Well basically you cannot set anything to automatically open upon booting the system cause its not hacked upon rebooting, thus no way to “customize” it

  4. Salar

    I have a demo psvita on 3.68 , will this work ? can i then disable the idu thing ? my AID will be shown as 000000000000000 and so on , cause device is demo , thou im using my psn on it
    i bought this vita from someone , who actually made a big mistake of updating his vita while it was on idu mode

  5. Thetechdoc

    Wow that was quick! a friend of mine wants me to install this, I told them I wanted to wait for an easy installer as I truthfully couldn’t be bothered with the original install method ( I work 7 hours a day as a technician, don’t judge me) but now I have no more excuses haha,

    all im waiting on now is a vpk updater like the flows previous 3.65 hack so I can install it with ease on my 3.60 vita, its hardly even worth me updating (for my own needs) but if its a simple VPK, may as well haha

  6. Xavieryay

    Qcma didn’t detect m’y vita can someone help me ?

    • Travis

      My QCMA won’t detect my Vita via USB no matter what I try. How I got around this was to use connect the two via WiFi instead. If you’re having issues with the USB drivers, I recommend this; worked very well for me.

    • Godofcheese

      You might need to replace the drivers for your vita.
      Do it with “Zadig”
      Worked like a charm for me

    • Sayyam

      Turn off your wifi and restart your Vita. Then try connecting it again

  7. Brandon Stewart

    Doesn’t work fr me. I have a ps tv on 3.65 but can’t connect to qcma to my pstv without updating. I tried everything and nothing works. Qcma doesn’t connect to pstv without updating to latest official firmware and I really wanted to have the henkaku enso version installed on my pstv.

    • cyberghost101

      Well I have the exact same problem except my PSTV is on 3.63. Every time I try to connec in order to get on 3.65 via QCMA it wants me to update to the latest firmware first.
      All the tutorials are for the vita only it seems… 🙁

  8. mark

    thanks thanks this works fine on my vita in te nederlands yes yes

  9. Mcall

    Wololo, I know this isn’t related to the site but I ended up getting one of those PC support pop-ups while only having your site open. I know it’s whatever ad networks fault for that popup but I just wanted to notify you of this happening on your site.

  10. Paolo

    ivew syucceffully installed the encore on 3.65 thanck to this tool, how can i update to 3.68 and install encore?

  11. AD

    Will optional trim allow to use ur0 on phat Vitas?

  12. kok0roki

    now I can get back 200+ space

  13. Itachi

    How to install enso? And whats the advantage with plain h-enso and with h-encore wiyh enso?

  14. TFS

    installed H-encore but it changed my system to 3.67 instead of 3.68-变革. I don’t see the HENKAKU option in my setting either. I try to re-install henkaku in H-encore, but no matter how many time I do it, it saids “install” instead of “re-install”. After that it still stay as 3.67. However I have no problem to run my old games (I used to have 3.65 enso) on this 3.67 system. Anyone know how to fix it?

  15. fusion

    Anyone else have their psvita shut off in sleep mode after launching h-encore app and installing the exploit?

    This only happens when I install the exploit through the h-encore app, any ideas?

  16. Styles

    It won’t let me copy H-encore says I’m not the owner and my AID was exactly what it says in the folder name im suppose to lift it from, any ideas anyone ?

  17. Waffles

    Hi i just installed H-encore, and after a day im having GPU CRASH, when i put my vita in airplain mode it delays the frecuency of the crashes but still happens. And last time, after rebooting my psvita i got a graphic glitch, making like lil slim spikes (graphics) out of the bubbles in the main menu. Anyone else with this bugs? Anyone knows how to fix this? (the GPU crash) thanks

  18. joan

    Cannot start this application.
    You Must download the application again from[Download List] in [PS Store]

  19. anon

    If i have 3.65 enso can i install h-encore??