h-encore, TheFlow’s PSVita/PSTV hack for FW 3.65-3.68, released! : The wait is finally over


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. Saint

    So, I installed it, how exactly do I activate the so-called ‘Enso’ so that it boots automatically every time? Or it’s already done? (I’m obviously in 3.65, btw)

  2. Kyon

    dumb question, how to inupdate from 3.63 to 3.65, found a site which has all vita firmware and a site that say to change the dns setting, which one is good??

  3. Michael

    Any idea how I could upgrade from firmware 3.63 to 3.65?

  4. Roxas

    i’m using adrenaline 6.4
    where do i drop the isos??
    i tried psemu/iso and psemu/psp/game

  5. zocker

    I heard reinstalling (if mess up or so) enso on 3.65 was not possible in an earlier version.
    Is it still so with the new exploid?!

  6. yhruiho

    Awesome, i did all the guide and it worked perfectly, if u know what to do it works! 🙂

    TheFlow u r amazing!!

  7. kok0roki

    its still asking me to update when linking to qcma already set it to FW 0.00 always up to date :/ , dunno what im doing wrong

  8. Some one

    I have 3.63 ofw.plz tell can I update to 3.65 enso
    (Which one is better)
    1)3.65 enso
    1)3.68 h- encore
    What can I update

  9. UnrealSWAT

    If anyone is having trouble I built a tool to simplify it a bit on Windows.

  10. GioGio

    When I try to copy h-encore to vita it gives error CO-11274-5 in 11 seconds

  11. Riku

    I can’t copy the file over. I keep getting error C2-12858-4 despite the fact that I followed the instructions PERFECTLY.

    • Duhjoker

      Did you launch H-encore and install henkaku and vita shell first?

      If you dont do that, “your gonna have a bad tome".

  12. Jojo

    3.60 still better than 3.65 3.68

  13. BlueRobotShoes

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for this hack. You (and many others) have definitely put a lot of time into this exploit/hack and rarely do you get a proper thank you for your work. Thank you!!! I haven’t installed this yet but once I have free time I will do it. Everything is saved on my laptop so I’m not worried. Again, thank you for doing this and hopefully others will show their appreciation as well.

  14. stepenlu

    im on fw 3.60 right now oled version, should i stay on my current firmware or update? tia.

  15. Jayko

    my 3.65 is already enso-ed, can i still use this h-encore? as I screw up my sd2vita and the henkaku is no longer running. anyone knows?thanks

    • StepS

      You first need to reinstall the official 3.65 firmware. To do that, first make sure the gamecart is not inserted, then place 3.65’s PSP2UPDAT.PUP in ux0:data/PSP2/UPDATE/PSP2UPDAT.PUP
      After that reboot in recovery mode (hold power for more than 20 seconds) and choose to install from memory card.
      Next, install h-encore as well as the new enso installer linked in the h-encore guide (instead of the old enso).

  16. Asbel_Lhant

    singing the search is over by thesurvivor while finishing installation

  17. Sync

    I am on 3.65. I have an account on psn. Also downloaded a game by credit card. What should I do now for installing h-encore ?
    Should I sign out from psn account or do a factory reset ??
    Please help me guys..

    • adit

      No, dont sign out nor factory reset, you will need the psn to be intact to be able to run the hacked demo. Just follow the instructions and your good to go.

      • Sync

        If I install henkaku and vita shell through h-encore, then should I always be signed in or after successful henkaku I must sign out from psn ??

  18. asdf

    I’m just going to plug this here:
    This eliminates 99% of all errors, just follow the instructions in the readme and it’ll handle all the command-line work.

  19. sonicboy

    so guys aftrer installing h encore perfectly,how do I install vitashell on vita???

    • adit

      When its “perfectly installed”, open the h-encore app and select the option to download and install vitashell (make sure u have internet connection)

  20. StringIsNullOrEmpty

    Hey quick question. The guide here says to update to 3.65 but not 3.67 or 3.68 so that you can have enso installed, but what if the game I want to play requires 3.67 and I don’t really mind re-doing h-encore? Do I just update to 3.67 (after having already installed h-encore on 3.65)? Or is there some magic I’m not aware of that allows 3.67 games to be ran on 3.65 enso?

  21. drfx

    A PSVita memory card if you’re hacking a Fat (OLED/1K) PSVita.

    Can use SD2Vita for this?

    Although I have PCH-1001

  22. Duhjoker

    Every time i post a comment the page goes to an amazon page that will not allow you to go back to here from. You have to x the page out and come back it.

  23. Kuro

    Can I delete the h-encore app when I have Enso installed? Because I don’t want anyone to mess with the app.

    • Oneluv

      yes you can… i ve set enso and my sd2vita and its now working and ive deleted h encore app āŋd ęvęŗyţђįŋg įş woŗķįŋg ƒįŋę


    I hack 3.68 succes but i don’t know how to unsafe homebrew, i cant install adrenaline and create APP folder. Please help me

  25. thx138

    i am getting a file not found when i go to http://ares.dl.playstation.net/cdn/JP0741/PCSG90096_00/xGMrXOkORxWRyqzLMihZPqsXAb anyone have a copy or a link i can use

  26. hope

    wololo page did said from before that of course if you’re device have no permanent hack enso. then if you hack 3.65 or above then reboot everytime apply the hack again. but I did remember wololo did said that if you’re on 3.60 enso or 3.65 enso stay there so you can hack 3.68 enso permanent hack. wait am I remember wrong. so basically for now I’m on 3.65enso. if I use h-encore I use the hack permanently. man the previous page talk about good hope on july of 1st is so not good.