h-encore, TheFlow’s PSVita/PSTV hack for FW 3.65-3.68, released! : The wait is finally over


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. mecksg1

    ok so im 3.60 hacked, should i upgrade or stay here, i want to be able to get sme games on the psn store to my vita

  2. Xavieryay

    Qcma doesn’t detect my vita can someone help me ?

  3. Brandon Stewart

    lucky me my pstv is still on FW 3.65 due to me neglecting it for months lolXD

  4. Xplay

    If you want an easier process take a look at this site:

    has a tutorial on youtube (portugues – brazil)

    it works perfectly!!!

  5. TheOfflineDude

    Now we need an offline alternative to:
    A PC application for it will be nice as some people does not have permanent internet…

    • StepS

      That would require either using your PC for raw calculations (takes about 2 days to brute-force a key on a modern CPU I think) or the database of keys pre-generated by molecule. I think they’re intentionally keeping it on the website.

  6. anaeil

    hey guys
    im not linked to psn … what can i do?

  7. Sarge

    How safe is it to install this hack on a machine that I also use for legit purchases? Do I need to forever avoid going online, or just make sure I haven’t run the hack when I hit the PlayStation Store? I’ve got a V2 Vita running 3.68.

    • Dante0069

      I have a second Vita for my regular account that I use. I don’t want to risk a ban on my main one since I spent a *** load of money on legit game purchases since 2007. So I wouldn’t risk your main acct if you put a lot of money into it.

      • Sarge

        Okay, that’s what I figured. I’ll keep it off, then. I may start poking around for a cheap Vita when I get a chance. For now, the PSTV will have to do on the hacking side.

  8. PierceAiden101

    Just successfully upgraded my 6 years old 3g vita right now. I was stuck at 3.63 back in the day. Is there any way to supress the mobile network validation c4-3575-0? It’s a little bit annoying.

  9. The dreamer

    I am on 3.65 version when i use qcma
    Can’t connect and need update the system or sign in psn because I’ve already sign out form my account
    Any advice?

  10. The dreamer

    When i use qcma on 3.65 version
    Can’t connect and need update the system or sign in psn because I’ve already sign out form my account
    Any advice?

  11. AlphaGz

    If i decided to install H-Encore 3.68 using my phat Vita, borowing my friend’s official memory card (because i used SD2VITA), and return it do i still need to have memory card to install H-Encore every time i boot up my Vita or it will recognized my SD2VITA automatically?

  12. Saromanju

    To switch accounts on 3.65 H-encore, is really necessary to formate vita’s card or just restart vitas configuration, should do it for me???

  13. Charles Fasano

    How dow I disable my PSTV from loading plugins at startup using a PS3 controller?

  14. Kit Marshal

    What if I’m already hacked? Do I have to follow the guide to the T still?

  15. DRW

    so can you run 3.68 games on a 3.65 enso psvita then????

  16. Ross Kinlaw

    How do I get Permissions to copy stuff to vitashell? when i attempt to copy any vpk’s to it either through windows explorer or Filezilla it wont copy.

  17. Michael beltre

    I have a phat Vita running 3.68 laying around but I don’t have any memory ( I can borrow one ), if I change the directory to the one that is on the sd2vita I will need the Vita memory or not ?

    • Charles Fasano

      Since 3.67 & 3.68 cannot use Enso, you will always need a Vita memory card to load the exploit first. I use a 4GB Vita card for mine.

  18. OldGoat

    Use total commander instead of filezilla

  19. Dell3030

    I have a vita slim 3.68 and I’m trying to hack my vita so he could play and poured a Japanese games most of the Japanese game don’t have English subtitles so I’m trying to find a way to hack it so I Could play games and find a app so I could play with English subtitles

  20. Shouyu

    i have OFW 3.61, how i can proceed?
    how i can manually update it to 3.65?

  21. regilio Bouma

    how do i hack a psvita 3.68? i see you need to log in to psn? but that will update the console. and i dont want to. cant find clean instructions

  22. Komplexx

    It says link PSN. I just bought a used PS Vita Phat. I updated to 3.65 using the other instructions. It won’t allow me to sign into playstation network.

  23. My1

    by the way what can and cant one do with this specific thing? after all anything past 3.60 was very restricted.

  24. Bacsey

    IM getting an SYSTEM update and cant sign in with the DNS BYPASS im on PSTV 3.65 OFW