Adrenaline 6.4 released: Fast-forwarding in PS1 games and FW 3.67/3.68-oriented bug fix for the imminent hack!


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  1. Tha_Phat

    Again it’s the zett with that sickening paedo thumbnail…

  2. Rygar


  3. Cuttlefish

    The time has come.

  4. AdamSwine

    i don’t understand why anyone bothers with the Vita in the first place. it is a crappy handheld, very poor design. none of the emulators play any games very well at all. and besides all of that… it is from Sony. anything from Sony is garbage. Sony is garbage.

  5. ProCyoN

    There should be a tutorial here to update the PSVita to proper versions. I’m still at 3.63 and know no way to update it to the 3.65. Some help would be appreciated.

  6. Duhjoker

    “Quite obviously, this bug fix is mostly directed at FW 3.67 and 3.68 users since those firmwares can’t use HENkaku Enso as Sony fixed the bug that was being used"

    Does this mean that 3.67/68 users do not need henkaku enso to install adrenaline?

  7. Duhjoker

    Quite obviously, this bug fix is mostly directed at FW 3.67 and 3.68 users since those firmwares can’t use HENkaku Enso as Sony fixed the bug that was being used.

    Does this mean 3.67/68 isers do not need to install henkaku enso to install adrenaline?

    • Zach

      im confused as well to this glad im not the only one.

      • Adren4line

        Henkaku Enso allows your vita to remain hacked even after a reboot. So you can run Adrenaline after a reboot with Henkaku Enso.

        With firmware 3.67 and 3.68, there is no Enso, so the Henkaku hack doesn’t stay active after a reboot. All this means is that if you turn your vita off and then on, you won’t be able to launch Adrenaline and other homebrew apps again until you run the app or website that re-enables it again.

        Tl;dr, Adrenaline works on 3.67 and 3.68 only after the hack has been re-activated after rebooting.

    • Thegenshiken

      HENkaku Enso is the perma install hack, anything above 3.65 cannot use Enso. You still need a hacked console for adrenaline.

  8. Orange Peel

    I like how Chrono Cross is the example of fast forwarding lol. Once you’ve completed chrono cross and start new game+ you can fast forward gameplay.anyay

  9. Itachi

    Im in fw3.65 so i dont need this?

    • Mikey420

      Sure you do. It adds features. Can’t see any reason not to update. I mean you don’t need to update it but why use an older version that doesn’t have ps1 fast forwarding ability?

  10. whereisit

    Its nearly 3am where is this hack?

    • Itachi

      I think is too early for them to upload the hack.. just be patient.

    • Mikey420

      Not even 2am here. Just chill yo. It’ll be here. Take a nap or something and before you know it it’ll be all over the internet.

  11. Roxas

    i’m using h-encore
    where do i drop the isos??
    i tried psemu/iso and psemu/psp/game

  12. PSPOL

    And if its PSP iso like rock band? Where i have to put the ISO??

  13. PSPOL

    Ok, i tried in 2-3 different places to put the game and the folder is ux0:pspemu/ISO.

  14. Kaos

    So I have installed adrenaline but it either robots my vita or crashes it any ideas?


    where the ISO put?

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