Henkaku 3.68, is Ensō really that important?


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  1. kaluas

    Hey, i recently bought a SD2Vita for my 3.60 1004 Vita. i think i was left with the wrong impression so i have to ask, will the upcoming hack natively support the SD2Vita or i will have to format it with zzblankimages and those other stuff as the other guys before me ?

  2. ZeroSbr

    “Most of us don’t shut our devices off completely, and use the sleep function like Sony had designed.”

    Okay, but I like to shut off my devices properly so as to preserve power as much as possible. I dealt with having to enable CFW on my PSP every single time I wanted to play it, and it was a great relief when Davee came out with Infinity. I might as well wait for something like that here, even if it means waiting another year or two.

    • uyjulian

      Even if you “shut off” your device, there is still power going to the power management circuits to allow the device to wake up when the power button is hit. If you really want 100% power off, take out the battery and plugs.

    • Ethan Weegee

      The Vita has a great battery life suspended. I wouldn’t worry.

      • ZeroSbr

        That doesn’t matter. If I forget that I have it in sleep mode rather than all the way turned off, the battery might very well die, especially if I play only on other systems for a week or more. I can’t predict when I will or won’t feel like playing on my Vita, so I turn it off when I’m done.

        • Genius


        • Genius


        • SCOTT0852

          “the battery might very well die”

          Looks like someone hasn’t ever left their Vita in sleep mode for a while. I don’t know what black magic they used to make the battery last so long in sleep, but… wow, it lasts for a while.

          • auku

            I’ve had my battery die on me on sleep mode many times, so I only use it if I’m going to re use my vita on the same day.

            Though I’m talking leaving the VIta in sleep mode for weeks, not days.

            There really is very little benefit to moving over to 3.68 deliberately – just use 3.65 enso.

          • ZeroSbr

            I have left my Vita in sleep mode for a while, and that’s how I know it’s not a good solution for me. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts in sleep mode since it will never be nearly as long as it lasts when it’s all the way off. Sometimes I don’t play on my Vita for a month or two at a time, and I can’t be bothered to remember which power state all my devices are in…which is why I turn them all off after use.

    • EatIT

      The PSP had 6.20 perma cfw for the longest time though. That’s your own fault. Lol.

  3. Nahuel

    Will the new HEN affect plugins, Adrenaline, undubs, patchs and the sort, or it is still unknown?

  4. Tha_Phat

    Major banwave incoming? Hm?

  5. Lollypop

    Cheers henkaku368 and notools npdrm psmdrm

  6. alaashafeeq

    my problem I have ps vita model 1000 so how I can run h-core with sd2vita ? or I have to buy higher memory card for my games

    • Speyd3r

      You just need a Sony memory card to install H-Encore on a 1000 vita (the cheapest one you can get should be enough) after that you can use SD2Vita again (I guess H-Encore just needs a bit more space than the 1000 Vita has internally)

  7. Phil

    So Enso can now be installed on firmwares 3.61-3.65?

    I thought 3.60 was the starting point that Enso could be installed and then Enso 3.65 could be installed?

    • Vats

      Yes Enso can be installed in 3.65

    • Dmaskell92

      Yes correct, 3.60 is the entry point for 3.65 currently.

      However the ETA on H-Encore will be July 1st, on that day you will be able to install Enso on stock 3.65 (or lower) firmwares. This may require manually updating 3.61/3.63 to 3.65. I’m not really sure how that will work yet.

      • Tom Bombadildo

        It should be noted that TheFlows exploit will not work on 3.61 or 3.63, it’s for 3.65+ only.

  8. Yattoz

    Thanks for the precision about how to launch the future Henkaku for 3.68. Since it’s simply launching a bubble, I think I’ll go for it. I would like to be able to buy games as well as using hacks, at least for some time. Support the devs!

  9. Ghost

    What is the likelihood of being banned from using this exploit?

    • Dmaskell92

      I’ve been using Henkaku since the 3.60 launch and have not been banned. I have also downloaded purchased content, and even received trophy’s from pirated content.

      I play the JP region of Phantasy Star Online 2 (The digital version) on a US account and connect to the online servers without an issue.

      (3.65 Enso)

    • TehCupcakes

      Unlikely to be any different than HENkaku. Aside from a few cases where people committed obviously bannable offenses (e.g. trophy cheating, hacks in online multiplayer, etc.), I don’t believe there have been any real reports of someone being banned for having HENkaku.

      I’ve personally been using it since it came out, including PSN, and no ban here. As mentioned, just don’t cheat in online games and you should be fine.

  10. There is nothing wrong with having no life!

  11. Heat

    My worry is this: my console is on Enso 3.65 now, its going to be possible to install H-Encore on it when the 3.68 exploit is released?

  12. Zin

    I think I’ll just stick with Enso.

  13. Super X

    Nicely written!

  14. Jgr9


  15. Jack Attack

    H-Encore will require an official Ps Vita memory card if you have the original launch model (1000)

    Deal breaker for me. Even 4GB cards cost too much money now for something like this. I also imagine 90% of all games that you can’t play on Enso will be ported to Switch if they’re worth it.

    Nice for everyone absolutely still devoted to the Vita, though.

    • Magusar

      4GB cards are cheap now man ?
      I got an 8GB one for a couple of bucks.

    • Dmaskell92

      It’s ignorant to think like that, a 4gb card can easily be found for $15. What’s expensive about that? What makes you think the Switch will receive games from 2 generations ago? People this cheap seriously bug me because it’s obvious they don’t support developers period. Who would pay for a game when they complain about a $15 peripheral?

      If you want decent content obviously pick the console that isn’t nearly dead. I’d buy the Switch myself, but it will probably be emulated on PC in two years anyway. Also if you plan to mod on Nintendo enjoy your swift ban.

      • gadget

        ” I’d buy the Switch myself, but it will probably be emulated on PC in two years anyway” yeah cause you can take you’re pc on the go……..

      • Steven

        I bought a used vita w/8gb mem card & 8 games for $120. Then a 64 GB mem card for 130 plus tax. A 4gb mem card could hold the the GoW collection, how many 4 gigs should we have to buy?

  16. Oneluv

    i have a question pls
    if ive installed the hack on my vita, can i remove the sony męmoŗy çāŗd?

    • Patchworkkid

      Only if you have enso installed, otherwise you need the sony memory card to load the hack every time you shut off your vita.

  17. fateese

    “H-Encore will require an official Ps Vita memory card if you have the original launch model (1000). If you have the Slim model (2000) it can be loaded from the internal storage provided by the device.”

    Where would a PS TV fit in this explanation?

    • Dmaskell92

      It would require an Official Sony Memory card, sorry for the confusion. The Slim PS Vita has 1gb of internal storage that can be used to run the exploit.

      So basically the PSTV is the same as the 1000 model, and requires the Official Sony Memory card.

      • HerbalNekoTea

        You are quite wrong, the PS Vita TV also got a 1gb internal memory. I own a vita tv and 1k. Since i hacked mine, my vita tv run on an external hard drive (was quite hard to find a compatible one) and i stored away my spare 32gb memory card.

  18. lightning

    COLD BOOT CFW is the golden grail of all hacking community. There is nothing greater than cold boot CFW, nothing. So in short Yes Enso is worth staying at 3.65. Most of the new games will eventually get dumped by Maidump to work on 3.65 anyway, so why upgrade, just wait for the decrypted game dumps. Remember all hacks end with Cold Boot. Without it the system is not completely pwned.

    • Dmaskell92

      MaiDump rips are inferior to NoNpDrm, they suffer from save data alignment which can corrupt your save if you enter sleep mode while playing a game. This can be fixed, by modifying some files on the PS Vita, however there is another problem. The game cannot be updated directly from Sony, PSO2 still pushes updates almost every week. This would be really annoying.

      I’ve used the new MaiDumpTool on 3.65 Enso, and it currently does not dump any update content. PSO2 has over 10gb in updates. So if you hit an error message saying “You need 3.68 update to run this” it’s not “completely pwned” either. So save like 5 seconds with Enso, or use bad game rips.

      • code7

        There’s also nothing to say that someone won’t take the 3.68 main firmware parts and hack them in on top of 3.65 for some hybrid CFW. I.e. the 3.65 boot chain (which is still exploitable on cold boot) and the kernel / user land being from 3.68. Easiest thing to do is wait and see what happens.

      • lightning

        So you gonna give up COLD BOOT so you can update a game. Who gives a flying *** about game updates. Who the heck wants to install Hen on every single boot just so you can update a game, just download the Maidump update. Also Maidumps are decrypted which means they can one day work on emulators outside of the Vita hardware environment. So its not that simple as to which is better Mai vs NoNp. For me, I give up my cold boot for no one.

  19. Smoker1

    So let me get this right:
    In order to run H-Encore, you will have to run the Exploit after EVERY Shutdown, which will make everything not work like PSVSD or SD2Vita, until the Exploit is run?
    But with Enso, it is good to go no matter if you are in Sleep Mode or do a Shutdown. Yeah……I’ll stick with my Enso 3.65, until another comes along that does not require running the Exploit over and over again.

  20. nebu_187

    I have 2 vitas on 3.60 and for now theyre fine the way they are

  21. StepS

    Another point to mention is the app.db database. If you’re a sd2vita user, it may take more of your time to rebuild the database everytime you boot the console, since it will act as though the card was removed. There will have to be some sort of mechanism to back it up when reapplying the hack, but it will still inevitably happen when you boot into ofw.

  22. BlueRobotShoes

    Takes about a minute to load the exploit after a shutdown…that’s fine with me. Those complaining seriously need to get over themselves. Thanks for clarifying more information on this though.

  23. IonCannon77

    what should I do if i’m on 3.63?

  24. Squall

    So are you saying that if my firmware stays at 3.65 using enso, I can’t play games that require 3.68?

  25. Seta

    Hey guys do you think someday there is gonna be a ENSO for 3.68 ? i mean in another way to make permanent ?

  26. Anonymous

    Yes, Enso absolutely is *that* important because of SD2Vita. I won’t install any non-permanent hack on my Vita.

  27. Alpmaster

    I wish the vita had a resume feature like the GO.

  28. Robo

    How do I update from 3.63 to 3.65 fw?