PS4: psxdev updates PS4 SDK and liborbis for 5.05. Open tools for homebrew creation.


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7 Responses

  1. Farchent

    This is great news

    • spok

      not until MultiMan is out – for now its all only about PKGs from USB with FTP what is for nothin

  2. Honda

    Hopefully someone will make a save game editor or DLC unlocker… DS3 support would be cool too, or at least block the generic controller restriction, unlocked bluetooth functionality so you can pair any audio device?

    Who am I kidding…

  3. Carlos Henrique Pereira Pena


    • DerpyDerp

      The first to be an idiot? The first to be a sheep and imitate other sheep? Nope! And you also won’t be the last. Oh, and you weren’t even first to post a comment. Good job, you are winning at life and the internet!

  4. noman

    homebrew competition when?