Nintendo Switch: Team Xecuter’s SX OS has code to brick your console


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54 Responses

  1. a7mag3ddon says:

    Wow, get the story right if your going to report it. The brick code would only be triggered IF you were trying to reverse engineer their code which i think is fair enough, why shouldnt they protect what they have made?

    TX have also said they are removing it, not sure if they meant with V1.2 of the software or not.

    • LegMyGuy says:

      “IF you were trying to reverse engineer their code which i think is fair enough, why shouldnt they protect what they have made?”
      That company now owns my console and I’m not allowed to mess with it anymore? There was no license agreement telling me that. The entire point of homebrew and hacking is so you can do more with your console, this software punishes you for thinking you own your console.

      • a7mag3ddon says:

        Absolutely WRONG.. this software punishes you for trying to reverse engineer someone elses code.

        • Ethan Weegee says:

          But that’s what they did with the Switch’s code!

        • Crane says:

          Funny, given that they *created* their software by reverse engineering someone else’s code.
          *** hypocrites.

        • stevorkz says:

          The level of irony in what they are doing is so high here. They are in the wrong line of work then and this just proves they are douches and only in it for the money. They have created a hack in which they reverse engineered code, for a community that likes and promotes reverse engineering code, but brick the communities consoles if you reverse engineer THEIR code. Is the maths finally triggering a spark for you are does someone have to draw it in crayon?

      • Animedono says:

        they don’t own your console, but you also don’t own their code. Its a designed to make profit, not hand down free cfw for everyone to reverse engineer and share freely. Not sure why everyone is surprised by that. They didn’t give it free after all.

        • Fat Boi says:

          Nailed it. It wasn’t made for opensource to crack it. Its a product for regular users who want to use CFW in a more convenient way. Ppl are upset b/c they did not expect to be a wall between them in cracking their ***. The brick code is also there to prevent clones remember how True Blue dongle for the PS3 ended up? Clones were *** up PS3’s giving them YLOD or a shorter lifespan. Open source devs need to shut up and start from scratch like they did with the Wii and Wii U pointing fingers isn’t getting things done.

      • SilicaAndPina says:

        irony is real.

        • Squin49 says:

          Like when you released some “images” of games that did nothing but brick peoples PSVs?


      • José Francisco, Delgado Carrión says:

        ok, they are the victims of piracy, poor xecuter team they doesnt deserve piracy :v… i was gonna buy one of them but now i dont *** idiots thinking they are victims or they are nswitch gods.

    • billi says:

      “The brick code would only be triggered IF you were trying to reverse engineer their code which i think is fair enough, why shouldnt they protect what they have made?”
      You got a source for that? (that’s not just someone making claims in discord)
      It’d be less annoying if there was a specific warning beforehand.

    • TehCupcakes says:

      Wololo clearly stated that is the intended function of such code. He just added a personal note that he wouldn’t trust it. Why? Because bugs happen! If you’ve ever done software development you are aware that anything beyond painfully trivial code has the potential to misfire and not behave as expected due to unforeseen circumstances.

      It doesn’t matter what their intent is, or even really the quality of their work, because no one can guarantee perfection.

    • Qais says:

      They have the right to brick their dongle ONLY, BUT have NO right to brick the console! That is just Hypocrisy!!!!

      • mrshoubbledinies says:

        I’m surprised anyone who breaks their EULAs for fun/profit/freedom would knowingly buy into an unspoken agreement that if you break you get a brick, this makes them worse than Nintendo (who are pretty bad). Not only that it’s just a massive warning sign, I would NEVER run anything on any of my devices that I know has malicious code on it, even if it’s a deterrent.

    • josh says:

      not true. If you read Hexkyz post he states that one trigger is the clock sync being off. Although rare, this can happen during high cpu usage. Again not normal but it does happen.

  2. john says:

    dont try to steal other peoples work. got it.

  3. Kingknuts says:


  4. shepd says:

    Don’t try to figure out how someone else’s work works when they base their work on figuring out how someone else’s work works when they were lucky enough to find out that the people whose work they figured out didn’t include friggin’ landmines in their software.

    I would love to see Team Xecuter in prison.

  5. PanchoT1 says:

    This type of *** only HURTS the console hacking community… We as a community do NOT need TX or their overpriced products.

    • hahaha says:

      Overpriced? hahaha go away you poor bum, if you can’t afford this then you can’t afford switch games.

  6. the_importer says:

    So the people making the piracy tools don’t want people to pirate them, the irony and hypocrisy is strong here.

    • Unreal_ says:

      So much this. Here’s hoping this *** is cracked and distributed everywhere for free, just for this point alone, if not others.

  7. Ethan Weegee says:

    It’s a hacker brick hacker world out there.

  8. its all about money says:

    Pirate cut throat world, they put work in to make money and want to make sure no-one makes an exact duplicate.
    I would do it aswell and so would YOU if you were doing it for money.

    • J says:

      First of all in order to do any of it, they did a fundme where people paid money. Also you should not charge money for piracy, that’s like stealing from your mom and pawning it for money. I think it’s only fair that someone cracked there code because they shouldn’t be charging for the firmware. Now the dongle is a differn’t story. If they would of just charged for the dongle and gave the firmware for free, that would of be awesome. TX is a hacker group that has always been charging money for piracy. I honestly can’t stand the group. But i guess everyone has there opinions and that’s just mine.

  9. Boiiiiii says:

    Any guarantee that it won’t trigger by mistake ? personally i don’t feel like it’s worth it.

  10. Jim says:

    Looks like he’s managed to recover his bricked Switch now. Happy days

  11. Charles Fasano says:

    I would never buy or use anything that has code to intentionally brick a device as that is just not kosher.

  12. Itachi says:

    What if nintendo embed a code that will brick your console if you try to reverse engineer it? Is it fair enough?

  13. SilicaAndPina says:

    the amount of people supporting this *** is amazing..
    iirc there where people supporting the gateway *** too…

  14. johnfarturro says:

    Well, I am not surprised. Not only their sxos gui looks very similar to the old gateway cfw look, their inner workings are copied as well. I tend to see why they are doing it, but the irony cannot be escaped as in using a device / cfw strictly designed for “homebrew” and running xci files which is something completely different as in allowing stealing. Then if someone would try to steal their “hard work” (I guess there was some hard work but the original idea and workings of the hack was lifted by them as well) they would gift you with a complete ruin of your console for which you paid with your hard earned cash. I cannot unsee the irony in here. Everyone steals from everyone else and in the process someone will stand on the wrong side of the fence. Anyway tx is a freakin’ leech and they should disappear now into the abyss completely.

  15. awdrifter says:

    If they can get DLC working, I’ll take the risk. But for now I’ll wait.

  16. Destouches says:

    Criminal sanctions from a criminal organization.
    What else were we expecting from them ?

    To be frantic, I was incline to buy their handy dongle but now, they can stick it up their al capone vault.
    They know that their toy would have been cracked in a matter of weeks, they are just trying to buy time and earn the more they can before a free solution spreads (which already the case).

    Don’t bite the hand that feed you, otherwise you can question your business model.

  17. ConsolesareBetter says:

    I hope Nintendo bends them over a barrel and goes deep down, no lube.

  18. z2 says:

    With this CFW, you have no guarantee that the brick code won’t erroneously run/trigger just because their CFW got confused while launching dumps, try and fight that with TX and also good luck recovering your saves and Switch then..

  19. piemoul says:

    In the end, a customer will end up being console ban by TX and ID ban by Ninty. Its like a ham between burgers

  20. rolls eyes says:

    Lol the hate on here about them. I’ll keep supporting then, If I was in their shoes I would do the same, they are a business, they are making money and protecting the investing they spent money on. Don’t like it then stop whining and wait for the free alternative.

  21. jos010 says:

    hmm better wait for the free CFW then, was almost going to buy this pro dongle

  22. geise says:

    I have never once bought any of their *** and never will. There is no reason to support them.

  23. musashi says:

    Welp, that alone stopped me from buying their dongle. “Intentional bricking” is different from “accidental brick”.

  24. While I think charging for knowledge is wrong I also believe the people who do work on such complex jobs deserve to get there pay and really considering most will totally disregard Nintendo getting there money and any game developer on there books and go pirate you should all consider before making any compliant on any matter p.s thought Wololo would actually get there first and wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if he charged for his time tbf

  25. abc says:

    Just don’t buy and use Team Xecuter’s stuff ever, period.

  26. korakora says:

    Just imagine someone having a *** luck pays for the hack then gets his console bricked because “Muh superior coding can never be wrong and get triggered by mistake” …. 😛

  27. atoxique says:

    Just use Atmosphere CFW instead when it’s ready. Open source and won’t kill your Switch 😉