VitaShell 1.92 (and 1.91) released – Support for FW 3.68, new files can be created, ability to mount gamesd as ux0 and more!


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  1. IrTiQa says:

    Looking forward for the release of new hack
    Keep up the Good Work.

  2. Reynkz says:

    Always awesome to have new features on VitaShell

  3. broken_lavalamp says:

    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting! Soo happy to finally be able to get some homebrew and SD2VITA

  4. myLEGGuY says:

    “You can now go back to the base directory (/) if you press the L trigger when opening VitaShell BUT this isn’t working on v1.92 for me! ”
    Worked for me. Press and hold it a little bit after you open VitaShell. Holding too early won’t work, just tapping it once may not work either.

  5. Alopex says:

    Is this what I’ll need to run games that require higher firmwares? I’m still running 3.60 and not sure if I can stay on it and run those games with these updates or not.

  6. Smoker1 says:

    Couple of slight Issues on 1.92: Version is displayed as 1.9, and when you Open the Bubble, it just Displays a White Image Preview and a plain Color Page.

    Also, for those who get a 256GB Card for their SD2Vita, the Space Used/Space Available Info is Incorrect. The Total Space is correct (238GB Card), but no matter how much Space is Used, it will always show that you have no Space available left on it, same with Adrenaline unless you Delete a few Items from within Adrenaline. Then you can Add them back, but still keep the Displayed Space Available from when you made the Deletion.
    I think this has to do with how the Card is Formatted, since the 256GB Card I have in my PSVSD shows the Info correctly. Not to mention, I tested a 200GB Card in the SD2Vita, and it did the same thing.

  7. juntsuyu says:

    i have been waiting for theflow to do his ultimate magic so i could finally donate a large amount to cover each new step made, from the early days till July 1st 2018! wooohooo!
    hope others will follow in my footsteps.

  8. sulayman says:

    how to install it on your firmware 3.67