TheFlow to release his PSVita/PSTV FW 3.65-3.68 hack on July 1, 2018! – The September ETA is no more so get ready to hack your PSVita/PSTV


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  1. Rezin M. Khanz says:

    he just stated via twitter roughly 25 minutes ago to nevermind the memory cards

  2. alevan says:

    Cool. I have to buy a vita sooner than expected.

  3. AD says:

    UPDATE: no memory card required

  4. Vanhyde says:

    How to update to 3.65 from 3.63 ofw?

  5. PSTV-wood-sporter says:

    I am sizzling. Thank you as always, The Flow.

  6. Gamerz says:

    “If you’re on 3.63 update to 3.65”
    But HOW???

  7. Exciting times ahead!! Roll of the 1st

  8. Duhjoker says:

    So if one is on FW3.67, they will have to apply the hack every time you want to use it?

  9. ESL-kun says:

    thank god for girlfriends!

  10. Dantenerosas says:

    Daaaaymn, seems like I’ll need to delay start of writing of my master’s diploma program for week or two..)

  11. Crowley says:

    What does it mean if you are on 3.65 enzo? Anything different?

    • StepS says:

      The fact that you can now uninstall the hack and reboot into official 3.65 firmware, still being able to reinstall it later. This also means reinstalling the 3.65 firmware in case system files got messed up somehow. Another advantage is, you can get much safer to install HENkaku updates in the future. Right now there’s a risk of having to restore the official firmware if a new version of HENkaku is broken for you.

  12. Luziano says:

    R.I.P. 3.60.

  13. the_importer says:

    I know it’s stupid, but I wish the original September date would have remained. The physical swan song for the Vita will be Bloodstained RotN and that won’t be out until fall, now this gives more time for SONY to patch the exploit before the game is out.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      AFAIK, the reason for the early release is that he has 2 exploits. He probably figures if something happens then he can just release the other one later. Not to mention Mai (not as perfect as NoNpDrm (but I digress)), can now dump games of higher firmware restrictions. Not only that, but it makes the dumped games playable on lower firmwares.

  14. Q13E5 says:

    I appreciate his work into this. thank you!

  15. Kenan1099 says:

    oled (1000) models need a memory card
    Slim (2000) models and pstv don’t
    Yes , he was unclear but he then re-explained eveything later.

  16. Ezekiel says:

    Glad that I’m in 3.65, I got my vita in my last birthday July 9. Guess I’ll get this before my next birthday can’t wait.

  17. Leonid says:

    Great news! thanks to theFlow

  18. whatTHEwhat? says:

    my vita is on 3.18 and my slim vita is on 3.60 what should i do?

  19. n3wcomer says:

    my vita’s firmware is 3.61 and i want to update to 3.65 ….but i dont want to update all the way to 3.68.

    ….as you can see its running on 3.61 so its not hacked…… please help a

  20. Adam says:

    Right on Canada day lol

  21. broken_lavalamp says:

    Does it really matter if you have Enso? It’s not a webkit hack, so you dont have to be online.. So confused, but i’m ready!

  22. sfa2miki says:

    What about sd2vita memory card and fw 3.60?…

  23. Charles Fasano says:

    I can’t wait. I did a stupid thing and now I can’t boot my Vita and it’s on 3.65 Enso. Holding L to disable the plugins doesn’t work. At least I won’t loose any of my saves since I am using a microSD 3G adapter.

  24. Zach says:

    im really confused do i need henkaku with the flows cfw?

  25. zubi says:

    hi. [ how do i put vita shell on my psvita]

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