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Net Neutrality in the US dies today (June 11, 2018): What does this mean for you? Should you even be concerned if you don’t live in the US?


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  1. Walter

    Wololo, Can I have some free space on your home page? I would like it in a desirable section, not just in a corner or in the bottom. Wait…. I can’t? Why? Cause you built it, maintain it and pay for it? So what?

    • Wowzers123

      Seek help. No, seriously, seek help now.

    • Yyzzy

      wait wait, didn’t Al gore create the internet? wouldn’t that mean wololo didn’t actually build anything? OF COURSE YOU CAN GET PRIME REAL-ESTATE ON THE WEBSITE! What do you think this is?!?!?! A Republic built on capitalistic views that mean you get to create and build your own content to the way you want, and the only people that can whine about it are children that only care about “their truth” and how they “feel”

    • Hans

      Wow… You have no idear what net neutrality means…

    • faithlost

      oh i know this one ! What is common sense ?

    • Sean

      Is your argument that because you presume ISPs built the net they own it. Do some fact checking on how the net was built and who payed for it Pro tip, the people payed for it. Through local monopoly rights, considerable tax breaks, monthly fees approved by congress. Those lines in the street are owned by your local government, Spectrum may have run them and maintain them but they are owned by the public.

      So let me paraphrase. Wololo, Can I view your home page? Because I payed for the lines connecting us? ISP: perhaps but not right now, unless you want to shell out more for an overage on your data plan, don’t fret tho. ISP: I have a similar site that I prefer because I made it. Go there instead for free.

    • Jack Attack

      Oh, look, a mindless peasant…

      I’d explain to you how wrong you are but you either already know that or you’re too stupid to understand. Either way, you’re beyond hope and reason. Get lost.

    • VicSidious

      Not your best comment, Walt!

  2. azoreseuropa


    • ZeroSbr

      You’re leaving America just because of this? And you’re going to Europe on top of that? Even if you’re just wishing or thinking this, that’s pretty bad. You obviously have no idea how much worse it is in Europe, especially right now.

      • Bimly

        Pls Tell me How bad it is while i pay doe My vanger treatment Bill wich don,’t cost more Then 100 euro in totaal while paling 50 euro a year and hearing pills doe 50 cents and Get My children to school free of charge.

        • ZeroSbr

          I’d rather not get political, and I’d also rather not argue with someone who can’t be bothered to use proper English. If you’re not a native speaker I apologize, but I still hold that I just don’t see much benefit in arguing with you. Your lack of English skills would lead to more frustration and confusion than it’s worth.

      • Nirav

        Come to india guys

    • VicSidious

      Come to Canada bro! And then you can ask a doctor to check those hurt feelings…. FOR FREE!!!

  3. DoCoTrOwHo05

    Nothing Good comes from the Government regulating anything. Free market will fix this, you don’t like ISP throttling, go to another ISP it’s that simple. They will fail if they don’t comply with the CUSTOMERS wishes, YOU have the power not them REMEMBER that. Your money is your voices USE IT.

    • Franky

      Yeah, this article is doing the exact same fear mongering as every other place that’s for NN. Just because they can doesn’t mean they will.

      • LibtardAMIRIGHTLMAO

        >Yeah, this article is doing the exact same fear mongering as every other place that’s for NN. Just because they can doesn’t mean they will.

        The #1 thing that is constantly shown wrong among right arguments.
        If they can, they will, if they can’t, they’ll look for a loophole you’ll have to regulate against. And why the heck take a chance if you know it’s bad?

        Also does everyone constantly forget the conmcast vs bittorent thing? Everyone is acting like they’ll never do anything bad but they already did so…

      • pez2k

        ISPs wouldn’t have spent millions lobbying for the law to be changed if it wasn’t going to make them that money back. It’s naive to think that any big corporation cares about you and not just about taking your money.

        • Snintendog

          They lobbied HEAVILY for NN that should scare you more than NN being revoked.

          • Formedras

            That’s because their Tier 3 networks were going to be heavily impacted by the lack of neutrality in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 backbones. It would hurt them as much as it would the rest of us. Learn how things affect you.
            Although a lack of net neutrality at the ISP-User level is absolutely a bad thing, the main net neutrality debates were at the peering level, that is… where companies talk and leave the people at “home.”

        • Chozzehnwahn

          Why would Facebook and Google spend millions to keep net neutrality intact? Obviously net neutrality makes these huge corporations even richer, there are two sides to the coin here.

          • MunchMiller

            In terms of Facebook and Google, their goals, and the goals of the end user, are the same. No throttling, blocking, or surcharges for performance, or anything of the like. So really, who cares if they spend millions to help keep the internet open for everyone?

            The fact I even had to explain this simple logic to anyone? That’s troubling.

    • smh

      I live in UK so I’m not effected yet and not sure if it would be the same over there, but if this happened here then your idea does NOT work in remote quiet areas because there is many places where there is just one ISP to choose and that’s it.

    • Sholid

      And what universe do you live in?

  4. Henerico

    Psxhax has been blocked

  5. MunchMiller

    Nicely done Wololo. Not a thing wrong with bringing this topic to light, no matter the theme of the site. Thumbs up.

  6. wololo plz stop

    If anyone doesn’t like N.N. or the ways of their ISP, then they can build/make their own. This is pure capitalism, no more no less, and you get what you pay for. Say “No!” to a socialist ran web.


      Yes, obviously everyone in America has the time, funds, skills, network and legal team to build an ISP from the ground up. I like the alternate reality you live in.

      • wololo no politics plz

        That was meant in sarcasm. Just like someone else posted above-free market, if your speed gets throttled then go elsewhere. ISPs cater to the money. You need to go back to school pal and take some economics courses.

        • MunchMiller

          The fact you think anyone in the USA has a choice to just “go elsewhere”, is cute. It’s actually, downright comical. lol

        • ManekiNeko

          Yes, just pick from the wealth of ISPs in your area. There’s Comcast, Comcast, Comcast, and… hm, Comcast. Loads of options there!

        • DoCtOrWhO05

          Why to learn “Socialist Economics” Cloward & Pivot Style. No thanks I got a real education back in the 70’s and 80’s before “Marxist & Socialist” Ideas infiltrated the School system and warped Education.

  7. Crying Snowflakes

    Just as I thought. You wouldn’t SENSOR the idiots that agree with your libtardation.

  8. Person of Reason

    Lots of “Could” and “Mays” in this knee jerk article. I hope you don’t actually believe any of this will happen.

    • Ethan Weegee

      Oh, it very much could happen.

    • MunchMiller

      “Could” and “May”, is a simple fraction in time away from becoming reality. Corporations taking advantage of a susceptible public. Huh, that never happens does it?

      Hilarious arguments you have really.

  9. Pat


    Full disclosure I am a registered republican and voted for Trump in the last election. I am also a network administrator for a private company with my Security+, CCENT,and CCNA. I say all that to say I dont understand why so many tech blogs and websites are for net neutrality. My limited understanding of the law is it decides who gets to make the decisions on what an ISP can do to network traffic. So the question is do you trust a private company or the government more in making decisions for you? If you like the government making decisions for you then look at how the internet works in China. If you like private companies making decisions for you then look at how the internet has been in the US the whole time. If you dont like trump then why would you want him to control your ISP decisions? I know its hard to not come across as a jerk on a message board but I want you to know I mean no disrespect in my comments. I love this website, and I value any ones opinion, I understand one size does not fit all.

    • Geri

      Control by the government doesn’t equal net neutrality. Net neutrality is a concept where every website gets the exact same treatment, with no one needing to pay someone to get preferential treatment. China may have Internet under government control, but that’s not net neutrality since half of the American websites are completely blocked. Sure, if Trump decides to screw with the Internet like that, we’ll rebel against it too. But, so far, the only threat we’re facing are the ISPs.

      • Pat

        Hi Geri,

        Thank you for the reply. I enjoy hearing all sides to a story so that I can try and form my own opinion without just being a sheep. I could be wrong on this but my understanding was that net neutrality was taking control away from ISP’s and would be regulated by the government. Is that not true? In my opinion I would trust a private origination to make decisions that I like, because if they did not I would not use them. The issue with the government is they dont have to compete. Just like how an ISP “could” throttle websites they dont like without N N. The government “could” make all news searches go to Fox News. I my mind I have to choose the less scary option. Option 1) Privet ISP charges extra for stuff. Option 2) Government controls the news and all forms of communications. The good news is your helpful IT people can help you get around any censor ship (Government or ISP). 🙂 people get around China and Iran’s firewalls every second.

        • Nerro

          As Geri said, NN has nothing to do with gouvernment regulation.
          Actually, gouvernment regulation would be against NN.

          NN is what forces every content to be distributed equaly. Without it, ISP and the gouvernment can now decide to favorise ou throttle some type a content.

          • Keith L Salmon II

            also, in some places you only have 1 isp options. And if you own your own private company I think it would do you well to understand that law because most companies operates somehow on the internet.And most of us know the throttling of website will happen because all the big ISP has been found guilty of it. So no getting rid of net neutrality is not a good thing.

          • Pat

            Hi Nerro,

            Thanks for your respectful comment back. Based on the last two replys to my first comment I decided to look up the NN rules. I did not read all 400 pages but skimmed a few things. You can find all 400 pages hear https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/03/12/392544534/fcc-publishes-full-text-of-net-neutrality-rules but on page 3 section 5 it talks about making laws to force ISPs to compliy with the rules on NN. So basically on my point of Do you want the ISP to make the decision or the government it seems to me that laws are enforced by the government so I still feel like NN takes freedoms from private companies and gives that control to the government.

    • Bill

      So Pat,
      You believe we should get rid of the FDA and let companies put whatever they want into our food?

  10. Azure-7th

    the greatest threat to America is America

  11. Anonymous

    Amazing how many brainwashed Fox News viewers seem to frequent this website.
    There is nothing positive about doing away with net neutrality, unless you are an ISP who will now be able to charge more. Voting against your own interests, it’s the Republican way.
    You get to suffer, but at least you stuck it to the libs, how awesome.

    • Gimpy

      > Amazing how many brainwashed Fox News viewers seem to frequent this website.

      I didn’t know someone could be so out of touch, replace Fox News with CNN and either side of the aisle can use your response for any controversial issue. All I’ve seen in this comment section is free marketeers, capitalists, and libertarian points of view. I’m not even sure if Fox News has an official stance on NN.

  12. Red Pillington

    Just remember that they can’t sell your data anymore.
    That’s really what the bill was about.

  13. ManekiNeko

    Wow, so much misinformation in the comments section. Look, it’s real easy… net neutrality ensures that you have equal access to all information online, as long as it’s legal. That’s it. It means Google loads exactly as fast as Bing, and it means you get unrestricted access to Netflix. It’s a reasonable expectation to make of your ISP… otherwise, they’ll play favorites and force some web sites to pay a toll for access you’ve already purchased. That’s the key here… you already purchased your internet. Why SHOULDN’T you be able to do as you please with it?

    But hey, you believe whatever you want. Just remember, if your favorite web sites slow to a crawl or you have to pay extra for Netflix, you can’t blame liberals… they were the ones who tried to stop it. Point the finger at Ajit Pai, for killing net neutrality, and yourself, for letting it happen.

    • MunchMiller

      Thumbs up here.

    • Barry Soreto

      Sorry, can you point to one example, other than the 2 days netflix was being throttled like 2 years ago (which the free market fixed in like 48hrs) that ever actually happens?

      Also, how exactly do NN ‘ensure’ any of this? THATS the real point.

      • ManekiNeko

        Sure. Although the reaction I’m expecting from you is plugging your fingers in your ears and screaming “FAKE NEWS!!!1” That’s what they ALWAYS do.


        • Barry Soreto

          Lol, half of that list are so minor and apparently if you research a bit beyond the bullet point sentence for each one lasted a few days. Also these ‘net neutrality’ laws you are so freaked about about being scrapped didn’t come about until 2015… so tell me how in the heck did all those nasty items in your list going back to 2005 happen to get resolved? Oh thats right… there are actually other ways to have a fair market, that having a bunch of politicians decide how the internet should work.

          • LibtardAMIRIGHTLMAO

            Lol it’s hillarous because most of the time it was FCC/Government intervention and not market intervention.

            Way to actually give bullets to the opponent.