Is the PSVita still worth it today? : A look at what you can do on a hacked PSVita after almost 2 years of HENkaku!


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. Abraham

    *** yeah still a great purchase I love Vita more than my n3ds I play most of my PS4 game on it more than on my TV

  2. M


  3. PSTV-wood-sporter

    Nice to see the Vita love.
    Take that Nintendo fanboy wankers!

  4. Shiggitay

    I’ve had my Vita since launch basically back in August of 2012. I don’t regret it. I don’t use it as much these days, but it’s a fun device that I should give more love to. lol.

  5. nguyen ngoc quy

    whats’s title game in the icon of this post? (like a city game)

  6. RizzJag


  7. Jack Attack

    Vita is awesome for PS1, PSP and Vita games, but not really worth it for homebrew or emulation beyond SNES, after that you’ll run into hassles if you want wide compatibility, and even the SNES can be a bit spotty.

    But, really, it’s the best experience for PS1, PSP and Vita games, added all together that’s really quite a library so I don’t see much need for old-school emulation when you can get that on virtually anything else, anyway.

    If you’re into JRPGs then the Vita is definitely worth it just for the Vita games, alone. But anyone interested in homebrew should really just save up for a Switch. That’s where stuff will be exploding and be better.

  8. Richard

    Piracy is what makes the vita worthwhile in 2018.

  9. svennd

    I think the community is just not there anymore… Except for a handful second hand devices, getting a vita 3.60 (as of now) is pretty hard. The initial promise of 3-A games such as borderlands just is not there to make players wanne come (back) to the system.

    And for new players it’s pretty easy to pick up a switch these days, my reason for buying a vita, was for the PSP games after my faithful PSP broke down… The PSP has a way better library, with multiple GTA games, descend racing games, nice homebrew, … compared to an even pirated library on the VITA its pretty weak.

    Also homebrew devs are not as widespread, there are a few amazing devs (rinnegatamante for example) but nothing compared to the PSP scene. Also the PSP got hacked from pretty much the first week. So the homebrew community had more time to grow.

    In 2018, buying a VITA, sure, but not for the new-price.

  10. Mo Poge

    Love my Vita, though I still haven’t gotten around to hacking it yet…LOL! I’m on 3.20!

    One thing that I was curious about was this comment in the article:

    “Obviously, you can do other things that Sony wanted you do in the firstplace such as play PSVita games, browse the internet and use PS3/PS4 Remote Play. ”

    Is Remote Play still possible for unactivated Vitas?

  11. orochi

    I’m still waiting for PS2 emulator for Vita. :V

    • Lyff

      Unless it come from Sony it will be unplayable.

    • orca

      I always want to play FF12 on the go. After they ported FF X, I had high hopes they will do so with FF12.
      Alas. that’s not the case.
      PS2 emulation on Vita is impossible. Nintendo Switch FF12 is beyond hope.
      I guess the best portable FF12 I can get right now is on GPD Win.

  12. Big Guy

    Jesus Christ, please stop with these types of videos and articles. They get spammed to death on youtube already. Why not let people think for themselves instead of spoon feeding them?

    • 2k2

      I’ve been coming to this site for the past year or so for PS4 hacking news. I always see stuff about the Vita, but never really got into any of it. I was always curious about the Vita, though, since is was into the PSP scene since day one and still play it fairly regularly. All that is to say, I appreciate this article as it summarizes a lot of information and answers a lot of questions I had about the state of the scene. So, I for one appreciate this write-up. I am thinking for myself, based on what’s provided here!

  13. Randomguy

    Dont waste your money and get yourself a psp, adrenaline has slowdowns with psx games

  14. ironysteetb

    Bookr on the vita. just load up on light novels from baka tsuki and download some 10 hours of anime on your sd, and you wont have time to worry about games.

  15. lien4

    Its like every electronic stores or GameStop I went to. No PSvita Games at all if your lucky 1 game is there. 🙁

  16. Anonymous

    Until PS Vita ISOs actually become a legit thing and piracy is legit a thing on the Vita, the vita scene is dead to me. Been saying this for the last 5 years ever since i got my Vita

  17. Q13E5

    I love the fact that my PSVita is now capable of being an all-in-one device. i can now play most old games on the go! I have nothing but positive things to say about HENkaku. keep up the good work.