iOS Jailbreaking scene going on fire again – Ian Beer has an iOS 11.3.1 tfp0 exploit that he plans to release shortly and CoolStar may be updating Electra to support iOS 11.3.1 through it!


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15 Responses

  1. Luziano says:

    What about iOS 11.2.6 users like myself?

  2. mmm says:

    sure this will looks great on my ps4/vita
    oh wait

    • ZeroFX says:

      duh, its for the 3ds…

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      You do realize you’re commenting on a website that used to revolve around a PSP homebrew called Wagic right? I’m sick of everyone bashing authors due to off topic articles. This whole website is off topic, get over it.

  3. ogogo says:

    that means i can finally exploit my ESP8266 E-12 Chip NICE !!!

  4. snkr says:

    save bloobs!

  5. Cualquiera says:

    Im on 10.3.2 iPhone 7 and getting tired of waiting for Meridian, Im starting to think that this is just vaporware

  6. N says:

    What about version 11.3.0?

  7. Anish says:

    I have a iPhone on iOS 10.3.3 that stuck in activation lock. Is there anything i can do with it ?

  8. lollypop says:

    this time allso for iphone SE ?

  9. lollypop says:

    i want a full in depth automatic restore to blob 11.3.1