PS4 exploits: the status for 5.5x owners (5.50, 5.53, 5.55)


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  1. Prof955

    My ps4 is on 5.01. Thats good but it’s already downloaded 5.55 somehow and asked me to update to that.

    Sure i didn’t do it.

    So now can i directly updtae 5.05 by usb?

    should i concern about downloaded 5.55 file(by system itself)?

    • Hell-knight

      I got one a few days ago in Oman and it was on firmware 4.73! I was quite lucky 🙂 he had a couple of them!

      • ahmed

        oman !! are you arabian ? Iam egyptian and i will buy one from united arab emerates for 900 AED ( Ramadan offers ) hoping it will be 4.73 too .haw much you paid for it ?

      • ahmed

        are you arabian ? Iam egyptian and i will buy one from UAE for 900 AED ( RAMADAN offers ) hoping it will be 4.73 too . how much you paid for it ?

        • Hell-knight

          As long as it is the bundle with uncharted 4, GT & Horizon Dawn ps4 slim. It will be on firmware 4.73.

          Sorry for the double post guys!

    • Hell-knight

      I bought the same ps4 a few days ago and it had firmware 4.73! I was lucky and the man had a couple more.

  2. Gheorghe Lucian Munteanu

    For 4.74 nothing? I am bloched bere beacouse bd faulty,and imposibile update

  3. marcel Wölfle

    you can upgrade your ps4 over the savemode /recoverymode

  4. Naji Alkhulaif

    in Bahrain most of the available PS4Pros are CUH7116B Jet Black at 4.73 they are trying hard selling them at a discount but no body seems to care. I got one for $350

  5. KeybladeSpirit

    So considering that there is an unreleased kexploit on 5.55, does that mean it’s safe to update to if I’m already on a firmware without a public exploit or should I wait until there is more information?

  6. Emma

    My PS4’s running 5.55. I’m certainly hopeful that I’ll be able to get CFW, but the end of this article’s suggesting to get a new PS4. Why, what’s wrong with the one I’ve got, aside from the fact that it’s updated?

    • KeybladeSpirit

      A brand new PS4 is nearly guaranteed to have a low enough firmware to hack it with currently released exploits. At it stands now, we probably won’t get a new exploit until the one on 5.55 has been patched. The suggestion is only for those who are impatient.

  7. ahmed

    are you arabian ? Iam egyptian and i will buy one from UAE for 900 AED ( RAMADAN offers ) hoping it will be 4.73 too . how much you paid for it ?

    • delta

      hi did you bought that ps4 slim ? i too am looking to buy that exact bundle m but not sure if its having 5.05 or less.

    • delta

      hi did you bought that ps4 ? i am looking to buy that exact same bundle want to make sure if its having 5.05 or less or not

  8. Charles Fasano

    I don’t see a release until Sony patches it, which is fine with me and the way it should be. Why give Sony more info then they need?

  9. Masoud

    My firmware is 5.53-01, is there any chance to get 5.05? I asked this quastion because u just mentioned thats not possible for 5.55 or higher versions.

  10. Hwka

    And i have to buy a second ps4 pro if i want to play at the maximum experience with Detroit become human….
    Detroit requires fw5.50….

    • lol

      oh what a shame, having to spend a little more in order to keep a hacked ps4 that will save u
      fortune on games……what a shame lol

  11. Sleep

    Guys how to spoof 5.05 to the last firmware 5.55 so I can continue playing gran turismo sport?

  12. Meh

    Any reason hacker doesn’t need to brag or have a twitter

  13. Dr.Snuggels

    So its always a 6 Month delay in actual Firmware and HenLoader for it. So, no Problem, will i do play Detroit on Christmas?

  14. Sunse

    is there any way to downgrade firmware?

  15. Dave

    I am the 5.55 fw owner, feel so sad because we stuck at point with no hope ! still wait for the bright day to come with finger cross…… Mathieulh is the man, hope he will be our Jesus ! aman

  16. John

    PS4 scene = Poo.

  17. Qasim

    On which fw this Model: CUH2016A (PAL Reg2) is on?

  18. IvanOtaku

    i am on 5.50, can i hack the console on that patch?

  19. Frank

    I read Mathieulh article on Twitter and am certainly sure he’ll do us (5.55) a favor and release the hacked firmware for the 5.55 so please exercise a little patience

  20. Retroid84

    All new PS4 PRO consoles come on 5.50 now so no one will be hacking them until the exploit for 5.50 is released. Now all the date codes, box info, CUH codes or whatever else was used to identify lower firmware ps4 pro consoles is now obsolete. Sony has obviously recalled the majority to update and shipped out new 5.50 ones. I am now on my tenth one all bought from brand new from various stores all came with 5.50 even ones with boxes without the “4k Dynamic Gaming” logo and some had the “B01Y” code etc on the box but all 5.50 also any games that came ou after say God of War are also now obsolete and cant be played so until 5.50+ is released we will be playing the same games over and over and over making it pointless hacking the ps4 anymore right now so i have just given up. I will keep it on 5.50 and stay offline, i have completed nearly every exclusive on the ps4 so until new games like Detroit Become Human etc are playable it is pointless.

  21. Aveloy

    i hope mr.hacker will listed about gamer who regret after they update his firmware on 5.55 and as soon or later they will give jailbreak update on 5.55 🙁

  22. Retroid84

    Can most of you not read?! There is no exploit available after firmware 5.07 so yes that includes 5.50 and 5.55 DUH DO THE MATH. Also there is no downgrade! If your not capable of understanding this then i don’t think you should be attempting to hack your consoles as you would only likely brick the thing anyway!

  23. Gabriel

    Where can I be aware of the latest news from jailbreak? A trusted page that does not lie. I have PS4 in 5.55.

  24. Raptor

    Still waiting for the 5.55 jailbreak

  25. KC Linux

    Is there money to be made in the blogging ? I sure love me some hacking and can type really fast from my pc & note 8. Email me if like ty 🙂

  26. Navneet

    how to downgrade 5.55 to 5.05 ?

  27. wanted

    Finally 6.00 update are coming…o

  28. Atanas

    Some idea when 5.55 jealbreak is releasing?

  29. Wanted