PS4: SpecterDev releases PS4 5.05 kernel exploit


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  1. Javed

    At last.
    But unfortunately I am at 5.5.
    I think I will wait for a year.

    • Vittorio

      Yeah, I’m at 5.5 and it sucks.. ): I’ll wait for a concrete way for downgrade..

      • Ala

        No way for a downgrade because sony ps4 mother board burns the circuit that is running the previous update and opens a new lightbulbs everytime u install an update the previous one get blown and turn to the next one.

  2. RazorX

    anyone else having issues running ps2 games? i converted a few that were supposed to work and they all freeze

  3. Sanchit

    bro how to install pkgs …i am new to jb scene….please help me i have a ps4 slim 5.0…
    please a guide for a noob please help….

  4. GanjaMan

    guys where do you get pkgs or do we have to wait some time for them to release? sorry if its a dumb question but I checked everywhere and I suppose we all have to wait.. Thanks in advance for anyone answering this! One love, friends

  5. J

    Hmm. did the exploit but no packages installed. reloaded site and just says awaiting package…

  6. anon

    If its of any help to anybody my Far Cry 5 copy also came with 5.05 update, I remember being pretty gutted I had to update from 5.05

  7. ZpectroO

    now how I can install homebrews and more?

  8. jb

    just waiting to get home to try this!!! This will be my first PS4 exploit, do you need to re-run the exploit (setting up the server etc.) everytime you reboot?

  9. Leonardo Lima

    How can I download games updates?
    I want to update the monster hunter.
    Does someone knows that?

  10. Seta

    i got this PS4 from a friend , he format the ps4 before give it to me (lucky me is on 5.05)

    i did everything and the Hack run fine but for some reason i cant run the games , the icon look lock and i dont know what to do

  11. MidoriAkuma07

    is there a way to host the 5.05 exploit offline like in an android phone? similar to 4.55?


    Awesome guys .. I got it running but after I install a pkg and run it I cant get past the start game screen

  13. You have written everything in detail, It is very informational.Thanks for taking the time to post. I believe there will be more people like me. You can also visit my site for get discount coupons.

  14. David Augie

    God of War Pro I bought new at Wal Mart $400 plus tax,
    was on 4.72, (or was it 4.73) but the God of War game requires update to 5.05 to play

  15. Steve

    Tried to install JB.
    Updated to 5.05 by USB-Stick -> everything OK

    Now the problem. To get connected to the JB Websites i need to connect to my Internet.

    But whenever i connect, i immediately get a notofication, that PS4 starts updating the System Software (although i have unchecked all boxes in “Automatic Downloads”!). Tried it 2 times and i immediately cut down the Internetconnection after notification to prevent PS4 from Update.

    Is there anything i can do to solve my problem?

    Would be nice if you guys could share your knowledge.


    PS: I didnt have a earlier JB on my PS4.

    • zx

      i guess you can try putting the below DNS on your network settings


  16. c3s

    is there an fw spoofer for 5.05 ??

  17. Quester123

    I would like to write sth about safety on hscked consoles. I dumped the Ps3, Ps4 and Ps Vita and I‘m very experienced. People use safety tools which are out of time which enlarge the ban risk.

  18. Vijayanand

    I get error not enough system memory.. Cleared cookies, history every thing.. How to get rid of it

  19. Rohan

    working n running games..nice

  20. Mo.

    Does anyone know if I could connect to the internet to download the youtube app and use after I have jailbroken the ps4?

  21. Asif Panjwani


    my ps4 is 5.0.1 and my ps4 asking every time to update and I cancel the update every time can you please suggest me how can I jailbreak my ps4

  22. wallace

    im 4.05 is there anythigng i can do

  23. Qnish

    I am on 5.55 firmware.There are many rumours on online that 5.55 exploit will release on this date and that date bla… bla…bla…..I know that 5.55 exploit is privately successlful.But my question is when will it release publicly????Please if anyone know this reply me.

  24. Jack

    I’m sorry, I missed the part where the instructions are given on how to actually take the release from point A to B. Otherwise what’s the point of this site?

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