How to update your PS4 to firmware 5.05


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  1. Stanley

    What I’d like to know is if there’s a way to delete already downloaded but not installed update from Debug mode. The update prompt every time I start a game or turn on my console is really annoying.

    • joblogs

      i had same issue was on 470 formated ps4 took the update off but would not update hack on 470 but put it 0n 505 evey thing was ok from web browwers but only one acount

      • Max Kopf

        I have no idea what you just said there. Could someone please answer this question in detail with proper English and correct spelling, please?

        • Drax

          I need help too ! got same problem . Im on 5.05 but 5.55 IS DOWNLOADED ;( wont update! help 😀

          • Mark

            To delete the update file in debug go setting-initial-reset personal setting. Dont do the hard reset you will lose everything.

    • Prof955

      WE Need answers here…

    • KingJames97

      You can use the FTP server and delete the Update file using your computer

      • None

        The best option is to use the update blocker related to your current firmware. Not only will it delete these files if necessary, it will also prevent updates in the future. It’s important to note however, you should full power off your PS4, and run the blocker first, first before MIRA or HEN. You should be able to find this option related to your current firmware.

  2. Gheorghe Lucian Munteanu

    4.74 firmware its last software update,with faulty or changed blue Ray. Imposibile update to 5.05,please rewrite exploit for this firmware. Please back toate live pur consoles

    • None

      More details: power being provided to the drive is enough to allow the update. If you are willing, you can attempt to open your console and correct / establish that connection even with a drive that will not read discs.

    • Hosmiller Cunha

      Tem muitas pessoas com esse problema.
      Eu tenho dois consoles na 4.74 com blue ray danificado.
      Querias um xploit para essa versão ou um update modificado para OFW 5.05

  3. PSx


    Picked up a used Pro hoping for 4.55 but got 4.73.

    Glad I waited and didn’t update…

    Cheeeeeeee Huuuuuuuuu!!!!

  4. BoMbY

    5.05 RECOVERY FILE (If you need a Full System Reinstall for a New HDD example)
    MD5: c2a602174f6b1d8ef599640cd276924a

    Update & Recovery Files can be found also here:

  5. keks

    Does this guide change if your PS4 previously downloaded any other system firmware above 5.05 (or 5.07)? (But you are still on 5.05 or below)

  6. KiraNova

    Okay have a quick question i have an old ps4 that the hdmi is broke, no signal i took the mother board out a while back so i can send it in to get fixed am pretty sure its like on 4 something so its good but problem is i took the harddrive out so now if i get it fixed will i have to update to newest firmware or can i do a full install with a old update.

    • timefuffin

      im sure it should work fine, yes you will need the full fat 900mb iamge is required and can be got from as linked on here:

      make sure you pick the right file here: and check that this matches before doing a full reinstall.
      MDH: c2a602174f6b1d8ef599640cd276924a for fullv 5.05 image.

  7. seccc-tom

    im currently on 4.55…. i dont have my ps4 bd rom matching card…is there anyway i can update too? or will it brick my ps4?

  8. jhondead

    can tools make a way to active remoteplay?

  9. Lucian Munteanu

    seccc-tm-dont’ work to update to 5.05 without bd. Need to include 4.74 firmware in this exploit,to work. i am try any mod..its imposibile to update w/o bd

  10. Fabii

    I always get an error when trying to install the update. It loads it from USB and nearly before it reaches 100% I get error SU-30634-6 🙁 Any idea?

  11. 007

    Team Dev
    kindly help Error CE-34706-0 >>>while PKG installation

  12. a

    Error SU-30634-6 on 4.05. I think i installed update blocker some time ago…now, how can i disable update blocker for 4.05 and makes it update to 5.05?

    Any payload to do it on 4.05?


    • a

      Nevermind, already managed to do it. Just by enabling FTP then connect from computer and remove the update appropriate update folders.

    • UndYinG

      Try al azifs dns, it hosts both update blocker and unblocker its fast and easy no need for ftp.

      add both addresses in DNS network settings and then visit any of them via ps4 browser.

      You also have HEN n stuff for all the xploitable FWs hosted already

  13. Echhr

    “update file is corrupted su-30645-8 error”. Anybody knows how to fix?

  14. Taneem

    So all games are working on this version ??

  15. Sergio
    seems like celeste try to make some for ppl having bray issues

  16. jlo138

    Thanks for the tutorial! I was on 5.01 from DBZ game so going to 5.05 was painless. I used a Micro SD Card into an regular SD adapter to a USB adapter and the update file from the link.

  17. Masoud

    My firmware is 5.53-01, is there any chance to get 5.05? I asked this quastion because u just mentioned thats not possible for 5.55 or higher versions.

  18. Roberto

    Hi, i’ve problem with update from 4.55 to 5.05.
    I don’t have the BD logic board on my ps4. If i try to update to 5.05 i give this error: E-801809a8. I’ve tried to: reinstall completly with 4.55 full fw, reinstall completly with 5.05 full fw(give E 801809a8). Update from XMB from 4.55 to 5.05(give E 801809a8) update from recovery 4.55 to 5.05 (give E 801809a8).
    Any suggestion for fix them? Because the fw 5.01 has a fix for E 801809a8, if i try to update to 5.01, the exploit on fw 5.01 it works?
    Thanks guys, best regars

    • Gustavo

      Hi, Roberto. My is like yours, stuck on 4.74 because I don’t have its BE logic board. (E-801809A8)
      Did you find anything to jailbreak it?
      Thank you!

  19. larry

    anyone has PUP file with 5.07

    • Albert C

      5.07 was a rare firmware that was never released to the general public. Chances are you will NEVER find that particular PUP.

  20. athy

    @roberto I also try to update my second PS4 from 4.55 to 5.05 with a default BD Drive.
    The only update that don’t make E 801809a8 is 4.73 all the firmware > 4.73 (5.00 beta 3/4/5/6, 5.01, 5.03 and 5.05) detects the faulty disk drive and fail to update in recovery too.
    Maybe a CFW can improve that or spoof the FW in 5.05

    • Roberto

      @athy Thanks, i’ve tried in any method for update, you alredy tried all firmware > 4.73? For example the 5.01 (In theory the 5.01 has a E 801809a8 fix) Thanks, Roberto.

      • athy66

        yes I tried and 5.01 doesn’t have any fix ! Same error.
        On discord and other boards I suggest to find in a decrypted PS4UPDATE.PUP the line where the update try to check the drive is running.
        I think it’s a write on the eprom/rom of the drive cause 5.00 improve dolby fonction of BD Drive.
        But it’s hard to find the ressources and the skills to do that…

  21. Dalogan72

    5.05 thanks so much guys, now I can play all the games without playing these thieves. love it, thanks

  22. Gheorghe Lucian Munteanu

    Please make to work exploit 5.05 to 4.74..imposiblile update to 5.05 with faulty blu Ray drive..

  23. teh_n0ob

    I think the time to update has come, mine is still on version 3.x or lower 😀

    In windows10 this command worked for checking MD5 “CertUtil -hashfile [path to the file] MD5”

    result: MD5 hash of PS4UPDATE.PUP:
    CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

    I suppose i’m good to go 🙂 thanks wololo!

  24. Smq

    Al azif host is fine for me, but after update my fw ro 5.05 now when I click on section 5.05 in the hist it shows me in the same place on the screen shows me Enable Updates. Its a little big scarry. I think that Hen in that place will be much better.

  25. Tony

    Hello Guys, Question, if i get a ps4 running 5.07 can I upgrade the internal hardrive and install 5.05 to it? they are the same firmware essentially. I want to get the days of play ps4.

  26. Faiz

    5.55 is intalled in my ps4 what should do can i try the above proceture

  27. Jonn

    I have a Japanese PS4 how can I update to 5.05?

  28. Gustavo

    My PS4 is stuck on 4.74 because I don’t have its BD logic board. (E-801809A8)
    Did you find anything to jailbreak it?
    Thank you!

  29. David

    My PS4 is on Firmware 5.55. Can i downgrade to 5.05?

  30. hamsafar

    help me
    ps4 update 5.55 how to downgraded to 5.05?