ESP8266 support updated for 5.05 PS4 Jailbreak


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16 Responses

  1. DRE says:

    First. Nice, I can update my ESP8266 now

  2. Duhjoker says:

    ESP32 is far more superior to the 8266. It has wifi built in with 4mb and can be updated to 16mb. Plus it already has an emulator for NES.

    Im actually in the process of making it easier to add emulators to the system.

    With a lil help from kurtE i was able to create a library that allows you to build your own hand held console and games.

    • Duhjoker says:

      The libraries for the 8266 and 32 are similar in a lot of ways. I could probably be persuaded to update the 8266 libraries for this exploit to run on 32.

      The only problem is that i dont own a ps4 so i cant do the testing. I would need a patient partner to test the code.

      Just message me!

  3. RazorX says:

    nice, gonna flash this to mine right now

  4. Diogo says:

    Great, i have one of these and works like a charm!

  5. cavin says:

    I use this thing, it’s pretty cool

  6. Mb says:

    What about vr? Is it still working? Also I am using a esp8266 too and I think I neverd updated the vr firmware. How can I safely do it?

  7. Kappa says:

    5 dolla pirate enabler, the qwerty iOS based god (but fat kid). And respect to Specter.

  8. OS 4 life says:

    Wish these were open sourced 🙂

  9. joeblogs says:

    i got ps4 470 formated it no user account cant use web is there a way to make account or use this ESP8266 would work with out account

    • Bdigital says:

      The browser hack that is used with the esp8266 is the instruction manual from the PS4. Just use this device and open the manual. That’s all it needs . No psn account needed.

  10. hesam says:

    how do i enable ftp access 5.05 ? please help

  11. se says:

    password needed

  12. ala says:

    if there is a source code would be good. i have esp wroom02 has 2mb flash in my hands and i could use it just for enabling hen. other features not be used all the time so i think 2mb flash woul be enough for this.