4.05/4.55 PS4 Owners: should you update to 5.05?


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  1. a7mag3ddon says:

    Don’t see what the problem is, I updated my console last night and been playing games on it on and off all day without any issues whatsoever.

  2. joe mami says:

    Dont forget certain Sony softwares require 5.05 to run properly. These have been appearing on various warez sites as a result of the 5.05 exploit. Warez dumped with 4.05 and 4.55 work on 5.05. Just FYI…

  3. NintendoPlaystationboX says:

    5.05 is more stable than 4.55 and the succes rate is higher.

  4. Excavation says:

    Same as I… got 2 ps4, 4.55 and 5.05. Wondering how fast things will be published for 5.05.

  5. bill says:

    already upped to 5.05

    It’s the future 😉

  6. ConsolesareBetter says:

    Hmm, no mention whatsoever about the ability to play higher firmware games…

  7. wa7Ly says:

    In my opinion 4.55 is where its at for stability in the 3 months I have had my 4.55 fat hacked I have had 0 kernel panics compared to 4.05 and 5.05 which I would get quite a few kp’s . Of course 5.05 has substantially less kp’s compared to 4.05, either way once persistence is achieved the kp’s should be a part of history but only time will tell.

  8. cagarolas says:

    just pickup today a Ps4 Pro Monster Hunter Edition sealed for 350 euros, and now i will put my Fat Ps4 for sale its on 4.55.

  9. AJones says:

    5.05 is a bit less stable on the exploit process. Although I’ve always disliked XVortex’ HEN option because it causes REST mode to crash. The original HEN payload didn’t though, where’s @m0rph3us1987 when you need him? :p

  10. Yeah says:

    Thanks for a totally useless article.

  11. racketman says:

    i have best of both world 4.55 and 5.05 im good

  12. Mk says:

    Is the VR works on 5.05 or i should stay on 4.55 ?? Anyone confirm pls

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