PPSSPP updated to version 1.6 – OpenGL and Vulkan backends are now much faster, Android/iOS fixes, official RetroArch compatibility and more!


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6 Responses

  1. Cheeseman

    Cool. I’ll play this on my android. Sounds like by the time atmosphere comes out psp games will be good to go too.

  2. lollypop

    no retroarch psp download link ?

  3. arh

    on my iphone 6s works perfect, tnx for fixes relating to JIT

  4. lollypop

    cant u port the free humble game last month dubbed HackNet deluxe
    to psp or psvita … so i can enjoy some DSL damn small Linux on my handheld 🙂

  5. temp_anon

    I hope the Retroarch core support means that I can load it onto PS3’s Retroarch and use it for much better PSP compatibility on PS3.

  6. ConsolesareBetter

    It’s about time retroarch updated ppsspp, now if they’d stop playing with themselves and port it to PS4