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Switch: Are Nintendo really banning hack enthusiasts?


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34 Responses

  1. a7mag3ddon

    Perhaps if they hadn’t of been shouting off on Twitter they wouldn’t have been BANNED, I use my console online and regularly use pFBA and Outrun using the joycon hack and I’m not banned. But then I didn’t boast about it all over the place.

    • Stevorkz

      Perhaps read articles before commenting? These guys tinker and crash their devices all the time mostly intentionally, with intent to hack and learn about the inner workings. One of these crashes must have contained info that helped Nintendo come to a conclusion that the device had been tampered with. This has nothing to do with twitter.

    • Begbie

      You do realise that Nintendo only banned them based from from the crash reports, not from reading Twitter… How would Nintendo know which Switch is SciresM’s? Lol…

    • Albert C

      Showing off on Twitter means NOTHING! There would be no correlation between them gloating on Twitter to them getting banned……c’mon now! Getting a ban can happen at ANY time you’d least expect it. It only happened to them, because it already states that they were tinkerers of their system and probably raised a few red flags to that outcome. Showing off on social media means nothing to getting a console ban.

    • Unreal__

      Your posts make me cringe for you. Go learn something.

    • Spaarks

      I agree. Its been a race which hacker group does it first. Of course social media plays a big role there. I wouldnt worrie too much on end user side though since we only hack our consoles once ^^ not 10 – 20 times depenting on testing of course. lol

  2. graphicsdriver

    Nintendo is just delaying the inevitable. Once the switch gets fully cracked and able to run games from ISOs, there will be zero reasons to ever use their online services.

  3. Albert C

    Dump your NAND people, this will only help in the future.

    • Cypherous

      Dumping your NAND isn’t really going to help at all, your console ID will remain the same and its unlikely that you can restore a NAND backup from one console on to another due to things like the per console key, while a backup will be helpful, it won’t help in cases like this

  4. pottsork21

    I was extreamly lucky to find a switch at my local mediamarkt that was a release unit, it came with version 1.0.0 so
    I deleted all of my hacked files from my 4.1.0 main switch before update it to the 5.0.2. Im now playing hyrule wariors on one and pokemon emerald on the other

  5. Herr.Fuchs

    ” Hadn’t of ….” What does that mean, it makes no sense. And I bet your English is native..
    Also, just to point out. You are exactly doing what you at critiquing – blabing about hacking exploits on a public forum.
    At least you didn’t write “First” as well.
    Have a good day

  6. SomeDoofus

    Too bad they can’t ban Nintendo fanboyism. That would rock!

  7. Thrawn

    Actually it does not really matter if Nintendo bans users who tehtered their devices, because in some months ninty will launch their paid online service.
    So ninty is shooting themselves in their foot, its redundant to ban hacked consoles. A hacker/pirate would never use the PAID online service (only some cod kiddos do that, pirate the game to play online and cheat, getting caught in the process).
    And with this ban, you’re only banned from playing online, not from accessing the eshop to download and install ***.
    I solely bought a switch for hacking (pirating) reasons, I can care less about that ban.

  8. Arifin Sutanto

    Ini have my switch have been ban recently. I don’t know why ive been banned. Iam not hack my switch nor install any mod. Its look like Nintendo doing a wrong ban. FYI im live in Indonesia and i have used switch on region america. And now im sad that i cannot play online anymore.

    • Will

      To Arifin,
      Oh.. that’s a bad news..
      Just wondering if you bought the console or any games second hand? The last owner of console might just sx hacked before. Or the last owner of the game might backed up his game and play the copy online.. these two way could definitely get your switch banned..

  9. VX

    @Thrawn there are different ban levels. The ban talked about in this article will not allow you to access eShop, more then an online game ban.

    Use only Sys NAND for online and CFW for off. Only option is make dumps of both and switch between both. It’s not rocket science and works.

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